Predict The Steelers Offensive Line


The Steelers offensive line has been the hot topic since the lead up to the draft and will continue to be so all the way until the end of… well until the end of the season.  The successes or failures of this new line will be based on a few factors – QB sacks, run production, and longevity within themselves.  High marks on those three areas, and the rest is just gravy.  And hey, maybe just maybe there’s a Super Bowl in there somewhere.

David DeCastro and Mike Adams are unproven rookies.  Max Starks has yet to be contacted to rejoin the team, and most speculate that he won’t be ready until after training camp.  So who will make up the five spots that will be charged with protecting Big Ben and opening up running lanes for Isaac Redman?  The choice is yours.  Ok, it’s actually up to the coaches.  But, what else are we going to do until these camps get underway? Note that Jonathan Scott is not an option.  I refuse to sully a poll with him as an option.  Don’t see an option you like – then make one on your own in the comments section.