Black & Gold Alert: Thief Steals ‘Steeler Country’ Banner


If you live somewhere other than Western Pennsylvania and are a Steeler fan, chances are you’ve been ridiculed or heckled a few times by ‘the locals’ or by other fans from other teams who have also transplanted to your current area of residency.  Some call it fair banter, others consider it just plain rude.  I call it Steeler Envy.

Steeler Envy has varying degrees of severity.  At the lower end, a person suffering from Steeler Envy is purely in awe of a franchise that has such a strong tradition of success and class – there’s a sense of respect that goes along with it.  Within the middle of the spectrum can be anyone who mouths off thinking they are funny by making fun of players that run into trouble or someone thinking that they can cut you deep by recalling the last time ‘their team’ beat your beloved Black & Gold – not really respectful, but they don’t have much to tow with their own wit.  The far end of the spectrum is someone who is just a plain ol’ jag who will do and say anything to get under your skin – usually a fan from another team in the AFC North (mainly the Ravens).

I’ve had my fair share of the extreme end of the spectrum as well as the middle.  Living in Wisconsin, many (but not all) float around the middle to the top end.  Green Bay Pride can be as stinky as limburger cheese.  But I’ve never really experienced someone going as far as medling with my own personal property to ‘prove their point.’

Enter our subject – a gentlemen (unnamed in article) who lives in Cleveland Park (irony?) in Washington D.C.  Our gentlemen subject – let’s call him Mr. Steeler – had a ‘Your In Steelers Country’ hanging above his back door at his residency.  I’m not sure how long he’s had it there, but I’m going to guess for probably almost as long as he’s been living there.  Turns out not everyone in Cleveland Park thinks that it’s ok to be reminded that Steeler Nation is everywhere you turn across the US.  If you look at the picture and follow the arrow (or watch the actual video here) you can see the genius walking right up to the banner and pull down on it in his little Payne Stewart hat.  The theft took place on May 31st.  I’m sorry for your troubles, Mr. Steeler.  Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

Time to put out a Black & Gold Alert on this situation and find the little snot who thought it was funny to a) vandalize someone’s property, b) vandalize a simple banner from a football fan and c) a member of Steeler Nation.  Put out a full APB on this one.

I say it’s time to raid every single damn Ravens fan in the tri county area….