T-Sizzle Still Under Fire About Ankle


I’m the kind of ‘funny man’ that whenever I hurt myself doing something stupid, I say things like ‘You think I look bad, you should see the other guy.’  And, then eventually I fess up to the idiotic thing I did that put me in a full body cast (note: I’ve never been in a body cast, but I hear they itch a lot).  Or, I sometimes go for the ‘glorified’ story and make up some event like ‘I was being hunted by three zombies.  I bashed in their heads pretty badly and that’s why my arm is in this sling…. you know… from hitting them so hard.’

Turns out only mild mannered men like myself can get away with such things – a chuckle at best, a room full of groans at worst.  When someone like Terrell Suggs does something like this, it could mean the difference between getting paid or looking for work elsewhere while he heals on the sidelines.

In case you don’t really cover or care about the other teams in the AFC North, Terrell Suggs tore his achilles while playing basketball….er….. conditioning drills…. er…… saving a nun…. er….. kicking a baby….. The story first broke that it was while playing basketball – told by outside sources.  In the end, Suggs stuck with the injury taking palce during conditioning drills.  Looks like he’ll have to either rethink that story once again or possibly face some trouble by the Ravens.  They could possibly keep from paying him anything because the injury was a non-football related one.

I’ll be interested to keep on this one – because after all, what’s better than a Raven not playing football?  A Raven not playing AND not getting paid because he did something stupid.