Steelers ‘Manny Sanders Dumped For Littering


I guess it’s kinda like having someone like Winston Churchill or George Burns be your spokesperson for an anti-smoking campaign.  Usually you use a crusader who is against rather than one whom is an active participant in the thing you are speaking out against.  In the case of Manny Sanders, those environmentalists are sticklers about their image – in a way that will get you discarded faster than you can say ‘litter bug.’

Some time ago, Manny was hired on for an environmentalist group’s program, Don’t Trash My Turf,  as a spokesman against litter in the city of Pittsburgh – hey even mayor Luke was backing this program, so it must be great, right?  Anyways, turns out that the group didn’t do their homework, hired Sanders, and then learned that he and fellow wide out Antonio Brown were cited back in November 2010 for littering.  A whopping $300 fine.  According to the citation from Pittsburgh police, the owner of a trash container on West Warrington Avenue found empty boxes belonging to Sanders and Brown.  That’s right, they sat the boxes next to the private container – probably with the assumption that it would be disposed of properly because it was next to a trash container.

The irony of all this – the group selected Sanders because studies have shown that people between the ages 18 to 24 are more likely to throw trash on the ground.  Sanders was 23 at the time of the citation.  So hey, at least the study was right.

Maybe they really shouldn’t let Sanders go as being a spokesman against litter.  Maybe he can be the poster child of what not to do.  Could be as effective.  Right?  Or perhaps he could do a spot with Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street.

What a load of rubbish…..

Note: I looked for the commercials on YouTube and they’ve been pulled.  Anyone out there in the Pittsburgh area seen the commercial before it was yanked?