The Wait Begins for Steelers Nation


Well Steeler Nation, I guess all there is to do now is wait. We get to wait and see how the Mike Wallace situation resolves. The Wallace Situation is really beginning to resemble the Bonnie Situation because it’s clear that unless things get cleaned up soon, he’s going to be really pissed when he gets back! Wallace needs to handle himself professionally going forward. The days of the diva receiver are done and teams are not looking to run out to the curb to bring in someone else’s problem child. Speedy Mike has done himself a favor by keeping quiet. He hasn’t embarrassed himself on Twitter or shown up at a celebrity pro-am golf tournament throwing barbs at the Steelers. Not doing a hundred sit ups outside of the front office is good! Mike Tomlin told his players to ‘Stay out of the papers’. That is good advice even if Tomlin does make himself sound like a private dick from a 1940’s crime story. “Yea, see. Bad press is bad business, Bub.” The information age is rough on athletes with fat stacks of cash and time on their hands. This is where some writers would say ‘I don’t envy them their youth, time, and money’. Like hell! Give me two weeks with that kind of disposable income and physical gifts and I’d blow up like the Charlie Sheen slamming the Hindenburg into a Mardi Gras parade in Amsterdam. And best part about it (for me) would be the sixty eight gozillion people would capture it on their smart phones and have it uploaded to the web in half a nanosecond. A professional tackle football player can’t even get pulled over for having a broken tail light without a hundred people passing immediate judgment on the guy and Tweeting about it. “Stay out of the papers” indeed! We get to wait and see who/if the Steelers grab late in free agency. Is there another John L. Williams or Jeff Hartings still waiting out there who is ready to come to Pittsburgh and contribute? Kevin Colbert has done a good job bringing players in to fill spot roles.

It’s five weeks until The Home Team opens training camp in Latrobe. Will it be worth the wait?

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