How Will You Spend Your Summer Vacation Steeler Nation?


We are a little over a month from the opening of Steelers Training Camp and about two and a half months from the regular season kick off in Denver, otherwise known as the worst part of the whole year.  Unless you’re a big-time baseball fan and get all giddy debating pitching rotations and batting averages, the summer doesn’t hold a whole lot of excitement for a hard core football fan.  So what will you do with your time?  Take in some summer blockbuster movies?  Possibly take a trip to someplace tropical?  Or will you be spending the next 32 days endlessly going over the roster and the schedule trying to determine how the season will go?

If you’re starved for constant interaction with the Steelers in spite of the lack of football you have some options.  If you have a 10 year old, or can adopt one for the week, you can bring them to the dozens of youth football camps put on by several Steelers players and coaches.  You could constantly follow the Twitter updates from players and plan your vacations according to where your favorite players are going, but that sounds a little stalkerish.  If anyone asks you, better be safe and say you had your trip to Mexico planned long before James Harrison tweeted he was headed there.

If summer blockbuster movies are your thing, your wait for the Steelers might not be that long with the upcoming movie the Dark Knight Rises, filmed in Pittsburgh and featuring everyone’s favorite smiling receiver Hines Ward as the star player on the Gotham Rogues.     It should be interesting to see parts of Heinz Field look destroyed and blown up in the special effects of the movie.  I’m already stoked about getting my own Hines Ward Gotham Rogues action figure.  He’ll sit on my desk at work next to my Steelers Mr. Potato Head, naturally.

Otherwise for the duration of the summer I’ll be one of the geeks constantly looking for any news updates, going through the roster wondering who will make the cut and who will be left off, wondering when Mike Wallace will either sign his tender or be signed to a long-term deal, anticipating Mike Tomlin being signed to an extension to his contract, and wondering if I really have it in me to play fantasy football again this year.  As long as we have each other we can make it through this difficult time of mid-June to late July when it’s too hot to even toss a football let alone catch a game on TV.  Think of our posts here at Nice Pick Cowher part of your therapy while you get over the hump and resume your addition to the Black & Gold for the 80th Season.  79 Days till kick off.  Here We Go Steelers!

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