Bye Bye BCS: NCAA Football Moving To Three-Game Playoff


I’m sorry, what?!  What was that?!  I’m sorry, I just can’t hear you?!  No I don’t know where the bathrobe is!  Look, you’re just going to have to speak up!  I can’t hear you over all these people cheering and screaming!  Why?!  Because, common sense has finally taken a giant step forward in college football!

For years, fans of college football have been practically selling off their first born children in order for the NCAA to change the system of how a champion is crowned.  The BCS is awful and flawed, and no one ever likes a computer helping to pick who I want to see in a championship game.  Not to mention was there anyone who wanted to see Auburn and cheating Cam Newton win let alone make it to the championship game back in 2010?  The BCS seemed like a good at the time in ’98, but quickly became the bane of every Buckeye, Duck, Badger, and Horned Frog.

Common sense tells us that playoffs are just plain better.  They’re more exciting, more chance for revenue, more exciting, more legitimate, did I mention that they are more exciting?  Did Roy Kramer (he’s the guy who came up with the BCS) have like a 30 year contract with the NCAA to keep this terrible system alive?  Seemed like for a time common sense would never prevail and we would suffer through another SEC Bowl… I mean BCS Championship Game.  But days like today can be full of redemption.

It won’t happen this year.  And 2013 won’t be my lucky year.  We’ll have to wait until 2014 until the BCS will be torched, pulverized, and released into the waters.  But when that does finally happen, out of the ashes will give birth to a three-game playoff series between the top four ranked schools.  Sweet Jesus.  Did someone say ‘semi-finals’?!  The four teams, of course, will be selected by a bunch of dudes who have no political or past affiliations with any of the schools even in the top ten…. pffft yeah right.  There’s no getting rid of that suspicion, which is why I hope the NCAA goes one step further after the success of the three-game system.

Success you say?  They haven’t even played one snap yet in this new series.  How are you so wise to know it will be a success?  Because – the BCS already makes $155 million dollars annually from TV revenue.  The NCAA will be raking in even more dough in media contracts if there are three prime time games that will determine who carries that sparkly candy dish while the confetti drops.  That new figure will make the NCAA swoon and faint only to be revived by $100 bills being fanned in their faces.  It will be such a huge success that probably after two years after its inaugural season, the playoff system will expand to eight teams (that’s what I feel it should be) or even ten.  That will equate to even more money.  Hey, the NFL is the most successful sport in the world for a reason.

So enjoy the old BCS while you can.  Pretty soon it won’t be around to kick around anymore.  It’s genetically enhanced cousin will come hang out, and we’ll all have a grand ol’ time.

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