A Happy Steelers 4th of July!


Steeler Nation, today is the day that America was said to be ‘born’ from out of the clutches of tyranny by a bunch of men no longer willing to put up with the crap of some king leagues away across a vast ocean.

The birth of this great nation has given way to the birth of a great many other things.  Commerce and capitalism, scientific discoveries and advancements, education, sports, and a sundry of many other facets of our country were all possible due to our freedoms and the ideals under which this country was conceived.  Our freedom allows us, as American citizens, to do just about whatever we want so long as we don’t hurt or tread on the rights of others.  We can believe in whatever or whomever we want.  We can cheer on whatever sports team we want without fear of consequence because our president or other branches of our government like a different team.

Whether your an American citizen or not or living in this country or not, democracy and freedom is something that every single one of us can get behind.  It is truly a unifying idea.  So what the heck has this have to do with football?! Well just about everything.  Football (the American kind) is also a great unifier.  It is a celebration of the freedoms we have.  Whether you are from the ‘Burgh, live in Phoenix, or live in Oslo, Norway and never step foot into this country – you too can be a Steeler fan and a part of Steelers Nation.  As we travel to Heinz Field, a visiting stadium, a Steelers bar, or someone’s home, we all don our Black & Gold almost as proudly as we would wear Stars & Stripes.  It matters not who we are, what our backgrounds are, or whether we were born into Steeler Nation or cheer an amazing franchise when we see one.  All possible and all thanks to a group of people 236 years ago.

So be thankful for the bold actions and convictions of those men and women (yes women too) back then who adopted the ideas the Greeks once had and made it into something even better.  Be thankful for those who have upheld those ideas and freedoms ever since through pain, bloodshed, and death.  Just as we do on Memorial Day, remember that when we wave our Terrible Towels every fall/winter, all of this would not be possible without ‘them.’

Happy Birthday America!