Steelers Poll: Would Ray Lewis Ever Join Steelers?


If any of you follow the sporting world in general, you probably heard that long time Phoenix Sun guard Steve Nash was dealt to the LA Lakers.  Nash is like my Hines Ward – a man of consistency throughout his career and class act who becomes a household name for that franchise.  You never really ever expect them to be with another team.  But then the unthinkable happens.  Following Nash’s deal to the Lakers, had a little fun by asking fans to pick an NFL legend and pick a ‘now way’ team for them to join.

One of those combos selected was Ray Lewis to the Steelers.  Now before you completely scoff at that notion, remember that this was a trade of Nash to the Lakers.  I highly doubt Lewis would volunteer via free agency and suit up for the Steelers.  Even though there is a mutual respect for the two rivaled franchises, it would be a big swallow of pride for Lewis to freely sign with the Steelers.  But, a trade – now that’s a different story.

Though it would be an inter divisional trade, would the Ravens be up for trading their long time LB for some picks? Or how about an up and coming receiver like Emmanuel Sanders?  If the Steelers were desperate for defense and the Ravens desperate for offense, would it really be that insane to consider?  I don’t think the Steelers or Ravens are above making a trade that would benefit each other.  But would it be a legacy player like Lewis?

I leave the debating up to you.