Steelers DeCastro & Adams Off To Slow Start, No Need To Panic


We’ve been saying over here in not so many words that rookies David DeCastro and Mike Adams will be the saving grace for the Steelers’ offensive line…. like right away.  There’s not enough Heinz 57 for me to lather up my hat for consumption if this isn’t the case.  From early reports at OTA’s and mini camps, Adams was becoming a fast learner. DeCastro, being the first rounder, has been placed on a rather high pedestal of expectations.  But, according to Chris Adamski of, either one has yet to become a ‘done deal’ as the new starters at guard and tackle.

DeCastro has been seen beaten during blocking drills – and not by Troy Polamalu either, but by third year Al Woods.  Of course coming in as a rookie is a tough spot to be in.  The NFL is a completely different level of intensity and skill.  It will take time to adjust and DeCastro recognizes that he has a lot of work to do.  And let’s not forget that it’s only the end of the first full week of camp.  There’s a long road ahead.  The same goes for Adams.  Trai Essex has been leading the way at left tackle with Adams following.  Max Starks, though listed on the PUP is around to act as mentor for the first year man out of Ohio State.

There’s plenty of time for these two young men to keep learning, refining those skills, and eventually step into starting rolls by the beginning of the season.  As one of our readers so strongly put, Steelers’ offensive line coach Sean Kugler is a fantastic coach, and will be great in grooming all of these players to gel together as a cohesive offensive line.  I still see some great strides taken by this line over the coming season.  The offense will be more effective overall for it, and Big Ben will be a happier little camper with his head in the clouds and not 3 inches deep in the turf.

Hey, not every rookie the Steelers draft can be a Maurkice Pouncey.  And even he had some growing pains over his first year.  Panic not Steeler Nation – you can still trade in that Wallace jersey for a DeCastro #66.