Steelers Receiving Core In and Out


First, I’m sure you’ve seen the (un)confirmed reports that Mike is returning to camp this weekend.  That same source also told me that it was in Mike’s best interest to hold out until week 10… so there you go. But either way, the position of wide receiver for the Steelers is looking to be brimming with talent this year.

Watching the game Sunday night (thank you Jet Blue in plane TV) there was one guy that stuck out to me through the course of the game, David Gilreath.  He had the nights high of 4 catches for 78 yards, all of them to convert third downs. And he showed heart and guts adding yards after each catch. There was one play where he laid out at the side line for a pass from Johnson, and instead of stepping out of bounds, he regains his balance and runs for the first down. Second Effort.  He looked like a guy who wants to make this team and was named Steelers Digest Player of the Week.  But at only 5-10 and barely a buck 70 soaking wet, he is going to have to rely on good hands and some break neck speed to make it.

On the OUT side of wide receivers, Hines Ward made his television debut. I was a little south of impressed. Hate me Steeler fans, but I couldn’t get past his smiddgen of a soul patch. I’m sure he was nervous, knowing that millions of black and gold faithful had tuned in and were eager to see him become successful. But poor Hines needs to work on his commentary, and not play parrot to CC. I found it hard to believe that a guy who played alongside Troy for a decade didn’t have much more to say than a repeat of CC’s Batman/Robin analogy. He did have a cute little story about on field security, but there was an audible GASP in the booth when he said the W word….. every ex-players Achilles heel.. he said WE. Maybe give him a few weeks and he’ll be all right. But somebody, anybody, get him a proper sized tie.

And finally, as other teams are posting videos of rookie hazing and players heading off to hearings, the Steelers are staring in their own version of “call me maybe”.  I first thought it would just be some random photo montage of still training camp scenes, but instead its chock full of very large grown men singing to the latest pop craze. Even Silverback gets into it. Yep the 240 pound linebacker and his cross field counterpart are dipping and diving to a teeny bopper dream. Check out Charlie Batch smack in the middle… he knows the words a little too well…: