Harsh Words For Steelers Polamalu From DeadSpin


The original statements from Troy Polamalu were said back in mid-July.  So something like this could be panned as stale news or old hat.  Perhaps it just took this much time for the right words to ferment on the issue.  In either case, DeadSpin’s Sean Conboy holds up a very fragmented and ugly mirror to the NFL, its players, and the concussion controversy.

The main image of the article takes a cleverly Photoshop’d image of Polamalu to hit us, the reader, over the head (har har) with how Conboy feels about Polamalu and his statements of his own personal experiences with concussions.  Conboy does not holds nothing back with his words.  And even though most are rather sinister, there is an underlying theme of sadness for his fellow human.

Though his commentary is rather ‘late’ in the game, I don’t think there is any irrelevancy with what Conboy has to say.  But does he take it a bit to far with his personal critiques about Polamalu?  Check the story out here and weigh in.  I would love to hear what the Steeler faithful have to say about Conboy’s words.

Clipped from: deadspin.com (share this clip)