Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Bills: How’d They Do?


It was a strange night for the Steelers.  In what turned into a rout of the ‘up and coming’ Buffalo Bills, the Steelers lost two key players, eerily looked anemic early on, exploded into an offensive flurry, and showed signs of a potential powder keg ready to explode between Ben Roethlisberger and his offensive coordinator.

The Steelers lost 1st round draft pick, David DeCastro during a 2nd quarter touchdown drive, and they lost Brett Keisel with an ankle injury.  Keisel did not return nor was seen on the sidelines later on.  DeCastro tried to walk off on his own power after trainers tended to him for some time, but eventually was carted off.  If there was ever a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, it was when he was sitting on that cart.  Let’s hope it’s not a season ending injury, but it does not look good according to Tomlin in a post game conference.

The offense looked pretty terrible in six possessions in the first half.  It was only after an illegal substitution penalty  in the late 1st half TD drive did the offense pick up – all thanks to Big Ben.  One finger point towards the sideline and things changed.  According to Ben, he decided to go no huddle and started to call his own plays.  The offense started to find momentum and ended the drive with a 6-yard TD catch by Antonio Brown.  The Steelers continued to click and ended up routing the home team with 38 points.

I’m sure the media is just salivating over not only DeCastro’s injury and shoving the fear down our throats but also that finger point and what was going on in Ben’s head the rest of the game.  True sign of leadership or is this the beginning of a rocky relationship between Big Ben and Todd Haley?

Well Nation – time to weigh in as MMQB’s.  What do you think?