T’was the night before the Tender: Steeler Fans Now Just Wait


All signs are pointing to go. All the rumor mills are alight with reports of Wallace en route to Pittsburgh International Airport. All of the players are warming up their hugging arms ready to welcome #17 to camp.  Fans are licking their lips ready for some deep balls. Now we just have to wait and see. Nothing new. We have been waiting, what, 6 months for this?  Pull up a chair. I’m not ready to place my bets on just a tweet from Aditi Kinkhabwala, of the NFL network, who reported he is heading back to camp, maybe right this minute. Speaking of tweets, Wallace has been very quiet on the whole issue, which shows alot of class on his part. Something I think the Steelers front office can respect.

It’s important to note that Wallace, even reporting tomorrow (Tuesday) to camp, can’t play in the Thursday game against Carolina (that’s according to player rules that say he needs three days to acclimate), so that means he goes into Denver, um, fresh. The passing game thus far, in the ‘make nothing of it’ preseason, has had some highlights but also has hit some bumps while the installation of Haley’s offense takes shape, and Wallace is going to have all of 13 days to figure it out. That’s a little daunting and maybe not the best recipe for a fast start to the season.  I’m not sure that he’ll be able to have the impact that we need him to early on, and may take a few weeks to get reacquainted with Ben and the new offense. Though I hope I eat those words. Every last one of them.

Bottom line, when he returns to camp, we get back an amazing weapon.  Make it soon Mike!

For now, it’s the night before tender, when all through the land, kickers were getting the boot and Dez’s nights out are getting banned (ok that’s terrible). With black and gold jerseys hung in the closet with care, Fans are in hopes that Mike Wallace would soon be there. Steeler nation is all nestled in their beds, while visions of superbowls dance in their heads…Now we wait for ESPN to exclaim with all of their might, Mike Wallace is in camp! and to all a good night.