Steelers Chalk Talk: 2012 Predictions Vol. 1

Steeler and NFL fans rejoice!  This Sunday was the last Sunday (until February 2013) that was football’less.  It’s time to say farewell to your loved ones, dust off the tv in the garage, pump up the blow up chair, and stock the mini-fridge with beer – the football season is just about upon us.  Which means, it’s time for some predictions. Today I will focus on the NFC.  Like my other cohorts on this site, my predictions are loosely based on fact, heavily reliant on guessing, and oozing with bias.  Alright, so that might be a little extreme – but there is far from a science in the way I predict how a season will go down for a particular player or team.  If I wanted to be obscenely annoying and act like I know all and see all in the NFL, I would work for the NFL Network or ESPN.  (Heyyyooooo!) Well without further ado, here are my predictions for the NFC in 2012.

NFC East

Giants   11-5

Eagles   9-7

Cowboys   8-8

Redskins   8-8

NFC North

Packers  12-4

Lions  12-4

Bears  9-7

Vikings  3-13

NFC South

Falcons  10-6

Saints  9-7

Panthers  9-7

Buccs  4-12

NFC West

49’ers  14-2

Cardinals  8-8

Rams  7-9

Seahawks  5-11

NFC Offensive Player of the Year:  DET Matthew Stafford

NFC Defensive Player of the Year: NYG Jason Pierre-Paul

NFC Championship: Lions vs. 49’ers

NFC Champions: 49’ers

Analysis: The talk of all the rookies this year entering the league won’t amount to much of anything.  RGIII will make a splash, but the rest of the baggage going on with the ‘Skins will be too much for them to have an impact in the East.  The ‘Niners will prove it wasn’t just a honeymoon with Harbaugh and find themselves dominating the NFC and make it back to the NFC Championship game alongside the Lions.  The Lions will probably get hot at the right time, make a strong playoff push, but find themselves short in the NFC Championship game (but hey, at least there’s not more paper bags in Detroit).

Look for Vol. 2 as I predict the AFC.