‘Skins DeAngelo Hall Offers Millions For Return of Refs


DeAngelo Hall is about as tired of all the phantom pass interference calls as we all are. But his other critique is an even bigger deal. Credit: Jeff Curry-US PRESSWIRE

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Redskins corner DeAndelo Hall is ready to make it rain on the refs in order to get them back on the field and officiating.  How much rain?  Somewhere along the lines of $2 million and whatever he can get his teammates to scrap together.

I don’t know what [the NFL and the regular referees are] arguing about, but I’ve got a couple mil on it, so let’s try to make it work.  I’m sure this locker room could [pony] up some cash and try to help the cause out.

His main beef appears to be not the calls (or lack thereof) that take place during the place but the ‘chippy’ stuff that happens after the whistle.  It’s true, the mentality and maturity of some of these guys is about as high as my two year old son.  Football is an aggressive sport, and the adrenaline courses through the body that causes athletes alike to do ‘stupid things.’  The overall disrespect and content that players have for the replacement refs is evident when the whistle blows.  Players are willing to get scrappy and continue to hit a player, take them to the ground, give an extra shove.

‘The Replacements’ (I feel bad for that band right now) have failed in roping in this kind of behavior.  All that extra curricular activity taking place builds up over the course of a game and will eventually lead to a really stupid moment that will result in an injury.  Hall is right – someone is bound to get hurt out there and it will be the refs fault.  The integrity of the game is already at stake because the refs can’t decide when or when isn’t a good time to pull the yellow flag out and call a penalty… and mean it.  I think it’s safe to say that as this terrible officiating continues, someone’s career will be at stake because of a stupid after-the-whistle-moment that leads to a sprained ankle or injured forearm (see Lions DT Ndamukong Suh circa 2011).

Hall is onto something and might want to consider leading a coalition of players that will help resolve this issue.  Obviously the NFL is doing nothing over a few million in pensions.  Maybe the NFLPA can step up and show their worth and class.  Aren’t they making more money from that new CBA anyways?

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