Which Steelers RB Sees The Most Action Against Eagles?


Could Mendenhall’s speed be the answer to Jason Babin and this fast Eagles defense? Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

Rashard Mendenhall is back.  And while we would love to hear a triumphant blast of cheers from the masses with this news, I think I just heard a sad kazoo off in the distance.

Mendenhall had another full practice on Wednesday.  The current four man rotation isn’t producing much, so Mendenhall could be an option – although I’ve said for weeks that it’s the O-line not the backs that are the issue.  And while the coaching staff refuses to tip their hand as to what the RB rotation will be like this Sunday against the Eagles, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of friendly banter as to who will start and who will see the most action on Sunday.

So I ask you, Steeler Nation, to vote and also chime in on this page – Who do you see starting and who do you see getting the most action?  Will the coaches go with the ‘hot hand’ as Jonathan Dwyer put it?  Will they stick with the season starter of Redman?  Will Mendenhall get a few to test the waters?  Or will he not only start but have a huge day against this tough and fast Eagles D?  Let’s hear it