Steelers Should Release Rookie DT Ta’amu


Alameda Ta’amu seen here doing stretches in preparation in being bent over the hood of a car during an arrest. Credit US Presswire.

Watching your team’s defense blow lead after lead and end up at 2-3 by Week 6 is enough to drive anyone to drink a few.  But apparently having to stand on the sidelines and watch it, while not getting playing time on top of it, will cause one Alameda Ta’amu to get drunk, hit some cars, flee police, and resist arrest while being cuffed.

Personally, I’m highly against driving drunk and feel that any player willing to do that is not only stupid for putting others at risk but also extra stupid for taking advantage of the FREE NFL program offered to players when they decide to go out and have a few too many.  Ta’amu not only had too many and got into a vehicle, he also crashed into some cars, hurt a woman in the process, and fled from police.  Despicable.

This behavior is uncalled for, and Ta’amu should be released from the Steelers roster immediately.  I can understand that there are some out there that feel this isn’t such a black and white situation.  The Steelers’ track record with ‘troublesome’ players isn’t so clear cut.  Santonio Holmes loved the weed and assaulting people and was dumped from the Steelers via a trade.  Ben Roethlisberger was accused of sexual assault twice, but was never found guilty.  He’s still the gunslinger for the Steelers and quite arguably the best player on the team right now.  Jeff Reed liked to punch paper towel dispensers and had a knack for partying.  Though his inconsistent kicking ultimately cut him from the team, the organization loathed his behavior.  Hines Ward last year was arrested for a DUI.  Ward complied with police, unlike our recent hero Ta’amu.  Ward was cut from the team to save money, but some feel that the DUI was fuel for the argument in getting rid of Ward.  The team drafted Mike Adams in this year’s draft even though he was known for a few drug infractions.

It’s been a rough four years, legally, for the Steelers.  About as rough as this 2-3 season.  The team needs to dump any and all distractions from this team.  Ta’amu’s decision making is severely in question.  He will be a distraction for the next few weeks as he will be prosecuted by the law, and probably by the NFL.  The organization also needs to continue with it’s purging of players that have questionable character.  When your team is 2-3 and struggling to collect wins because of a lack of discipline on the field, the last thing you need is a lack of discipline off the field.

Steelers would be wise to let this guy go.  He was to be the next nose tackle in place of Casey Hampton.  Looks like they should find the future somewhere else because it doesn’t exist in Alameda Ta’amu.