Steelers Hoping Relief Lies In Malecki


Gilbert is out. Malecki is signed onto the bench from the practice squad. Joy Credit: Jim Brown-US PRESSWIRE

The Steelers, as in what has become the ‘norm,’ are struggling with injuries at offensive line.  Marcus Gilbert is out with an ankle injury and Maurkice Pouncey is questionable with a knee injury the both suffered on Thursday night against the Titans.

On Saturday, the Steelers signed John Malecki from the practice squad.  In order to do so, the team let go defensive end Corbin Bryant.  Who’s Bryant?  Well, he’s the guy the Steelers just signed to replace Alameda Ta’amu after he was suspended by the team for two games after his real life Grand Turismo stunt with Pittsburgh police.  At this point, the Steelers obviously feel that the offensive line needs the help more so over the defensive line (it’s not like Bryant was going to be doing much anyways).  Malecki can play guard or tackle – which is a good thing considering that any or all of the Steelers linemen could get injured Sunday night.  Anyone waiting to see if there’s a play where none of the linemen get up after the whistle blows?  That’ll be fun.

Well good luck to Malecki if he plays.  Try and stay healthy will ya?  You’ve already been damned just by lining up for the Steelers offensive line.  Whether Tomlin will dress 8 or not is another story.