Steelers vs Redskins: Is RGIII Like Kordell Stewart?



Ed B from the PPG wrote an interesting article in the PG+ section this morning (somehow I can always go back to reading PG+ stuff if I just wait two weeks after being told I have to subscribe – weird).  He said that the Steelers at one point had their own RGIII – Kordell ‘Slash’ Stewart.  Say wha?

Anyone who reads this blog and is old enough to remember the Stewart years of 1995-2002 knows that Stewart had the potential to be a great ‘new age of quarterback.’  He could run/catch/pass – hence ‘Slash.’  Eddies position is that were Stewart to have the right coaching in place, he could have become a great QB.  But, with the awful transitional years between 1998 -2000 of bad offensive coordinators and coordinators who couldn’t gel with the young QB, Stewart’s talents went to waste.  Steeler Nation somehow became impatient with his inability to grow and mature as a super star QB – I guess being the losing QB in two home field AFC Championship games will sour the perception of you from the fans.  By 2002 he was out the door.

RGIII and Stewart have many similarities, but also many differences.  RGIII has a better pocket presence, even though his tendency is to run with the ball.  Stewart could run very good WR routes, but we have yet to see RGIII do anything like that.  RGIII went in round one, Stewart in round two of the draft – a difference for sure, but does it equate to level of talent?

So – is RGIII the first of his kind or was Kordell Stewart… or was :gag: Mike Vick or Cam Newton?