Steelers vs Redskins: Final Injury Report


The rainy weather on Sunday and field conditions will be a big concern for the Steelers running game and delicate offensive line. Credit: Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

The week of practice has come and gone, and there are some key injuries to make note of on both teams that may affect the outcome on Sunday.

For the Redskins:

Fletcher, LondonLBHamstring/HeadDNPDNPFPQuestionable
Garcon, PierreWRFootDNPDNPDNPOut
Griffin, CedricCBHamstringFPFPFPProbable
Jones, DavidDBAchillesLPFPFPProbable
Meriweather, BrandonFSKneeLPDNPDNPOut
Rocca, SavPRight KneeFPFPFPProbable
Wilson, JoshCBShoulderFPFPFPProbable
Worthington, DougDECalfFPFPFPProbable
Young, DarrelFBHamstringFPFPFPProbable

There are some bigger names on this Redskins roster who are struggling with an injury.  FS Brandon Meriweather is out and numerous corners are coming off of injuries.  LB Brandon Fletcher is still listed as questionable, which could prove dicey for an already ailing defense – even when healthy.  The ‘Skins are ranked dead last in defending the pass, and with the middle exposed from either the absence of or limited play of Fletcher could render this team helpless against the fast attack passing offense (or dink and dunk depending on who you ask) of Todd Haley.  WR Pierre Garcon is also still out, which will help the Steelers in their nickel packages and possible help get an extra set of eyes on RGIII as he is bound to race out of the pocket all day.

By the beard of Zeus if Mike Wallace does not have a big day on Sunday, the Steelers better start thinking about if they even want to franchise him or just let him go.

For the Steelers:

Allen, WillSAnkleFPFPFPProbable
Carter, ChrisLBHamstringFPFPFPProbable
Dwyer, JonathanRBNot Injury RelatedDNPFPFPProbable
Gilbert, MarcusTAnkleDNPDNPDNPOut
Johnson, BrandonLBHamstringLPDNPDNPOut
Mendenhall, RashardRBAchillesDNPDNPDNPOut
Polamalu, TroySSCalfDNPDNPDNPOut
Pouncey, MaurkiceCKneeFPFPFPProbable
Redman, IsaacRBAnkleDNPLPLPQuestionable
Robinson, AdrianLBConcussionLPLPFPProbable
Suisham, ShaunKAnkleLPLPLPProbable
Worilds, JasonOLBIllnessDNPFPFPProbable

Notables who are ‘out’ are Marcus Gilbert, Mendenhall, and Polamalu.  Pouncey is listed as probable and appears to be healing well with that knee injury.  He should replace Legursky at center meaning that the line will be the same as it was last week sans Legursky: Starks, Colon, Pouncey, Foster, Adams.  Surprisingly, Adams is doing better at the right side, but it comes with a bunch of help from Miller.  Hopefully, Miller can get released a bit more from a blocking assignment and burn up the middle of the field with Redskins LB Fletcher either out or limited.  Isaac Redman is still listed as questionable.  If he does suit up (which he really really wants to do), he will probably only see a few carries unless Dwyer is struggling to make cuts and find some running lanes.  As long as Colon plays with the passion he did last week, either one of them should find some lanes against a pretty stout run defense.

The other injury to make note of is Shaun Suisham.  The weather for the weekend is rainy and there is a Pitt home game on Saturday.  That is a recipe for a swampy Heinz Field come Sunday afternoon.  Depending on which way this hurricane Sandy moves and how it interacts with the current weather front in the ‘Burgh, the field could be wet to downright terrible – think about that game against the Dolphins back in 2007 in what was deemed as the ‘Mud Bowl.’  What does this have to do with the game? Well a couple of things.  Regarding Suisham, it will be hard to plant and with an ankle injury, it could be even harder.  I’ll also cringe whenever I see an offensive lineman (mainly Pouncey) get up gingerly.  Let’s hope Sandy plays nice on the East Coast this weekend and spares the ‘Burgh as well as the entire coast line.