Steelers Can Get Big Win If They Contain RGIII


Contain RGIII and the Steelers win. Credit: Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

The Steeler defense really only has one function today – stop RGIII.  One of the most electric quarterbacks, certainly by a rookie’s standard, comes to Heinz Field with an opportunity to run rampant on a sloppy field.  He has a good arm and lacks the gap in accuracy that most rookies suffer from while getting up to the speed of the NFL.  But, where RGIII hurts teams the most is with his legs.  He already has 468 yards rushing on 64 carries.  That’s 73 yards more than the rest of the entire Steelers offense.  ENTIRE OFFENSE.

The Steeler defense has a very strong track record with containing quarterbacks from running all over them.  The last QB to run for 75 yards or more against the Steelers was Steve McNair back in 1997.  The last quarterback to run for over 100+ yards was back in the 60’s.

So, it seems that if the Steelers can apply pressure and (more importantly) keep him behind the line of scrimmage then the Steelers have a great chance of beating the ‘Skins.  Not only win, but they could win big.  ‘Skins running back Alfred Morris is having a good season, but it’s Griffin that is the dagger in most defenses.

Look to Dick LeBeau in giving RGIII a bunch of different looks to confuse his reads.  Another fun little fact – LeBeau is 13-1 against rookie quarterbacks since rejoining the Steelers in 2004.  Those QB’s have a passer rating of 64.3 and suffer from more interceptions than celebrate touchdowns.  I don’t think LeBeau will have a swagger about taking on RGIII this Sunday, but he should feel pretty good that history is on his side and that RGIII’s biggest weakness is his inexperience.