So Guys, Are the Steelers For Real?


Nov 4, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) hands off to running back Isaac Redman (33) during the second half against the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium. Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the New York Giants 24-20. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

For the sake of not being facetious, we all know that the Steelers’ win over the Giants was nothing short of dominating. The Steelers essentially punched the Giants straight in the mouth and kept punching until the game was over. Isaac Readman  led the way on offense while the defense was the old fashioned Steelers defense we are all used to seeing.

But the burning question on everyone’s mind: Can the Steelers maintain this style of play and keep winning? The answer is yes.

First, the strength of the Steelers over this three game winning streak is the running game. The Steelers have had three straight 100 yard rushing backs and neither of them are the listed starter. Dwyer and Readman are best running between the tackles which right now is the strength of the Steelers offensive line. That trio of interior linemen (Maurkice Pouncey, Willie Colon and Ramon Foster) is dominating the point of attack, pushing every front four back. Readman and Dwyer are amazing after contact as well, so therefore the Steelers dare teams to punch back with a loaded front seven.

But that’s where the true strength of the offense comes in. Ben Roethlishberger is putting together an MVP caliber season with his trio of speedy wide outs. Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders are all perfectly fit for this “dink and dunk” offense. The create separation with excellent speed and route running and then use their explosiveness in the open field to turn these plays big. The defensive nightmare is that if you play too close and aggressive, any one of them can easily burn you deep.

With this now incredibly balanced offense, we have seen Ben be sacked less than ever, the offense dictating the flow of the game and control the clock. Since the Steelers control the time of possession, the aging defense is required to be on the field less and remain fresh. Therefore the defense’s age doesn’t show with fatigue and is just as dominant as in the past.

This is new winning formula. In reality, it isn’t much different than the winning formula the Steelers have used in the past. The difference is that for the first time since 1975, they have a Hall of Fame quarterback calling the signals. They have more speed on the edges than ever before with just as dominant of a run game. The defense, without their best player, is shutting down opponents.

Yes. The Steelers are for real. And if this formula is continually executed, this is the most dangerous team in the NFL.