Nice Pick Cowher’s Week 11 NFL Picks


Think you can pick winners better than the NPC staff?

It’s Ravens week!  Remember last week when the Steelers were coming off of the win over the Giants and the Ravens weren’t impressing anyone with their wins and everyone was handing the AFC North over to the Steelers?  Yeah that was fun while it lasted.  I’m still recovering from that crap fest that was the Monday night game against the Chiefs and the idea of facing the rest of the season without Roethlisberger with this scary rib-into-the-aorta injury that has come up.  Last week starting quarterbacks around the league were dropping like flies and not a whole lot of them will be starting this week.  The Jets are surprisingly having a locker room controversy where several “anonymous” players are saying that Tebow is terrible and they hope that they never make the switch from Sanchez to him.  Newsflash to the rest of the team; you guys are terrible too.  Tebow has played maybe a combined 5 minutes this season for the Jets and they still suck.  How about the ridiculous sports media stop asking Jets players about their backup QB anyway?  It’s been so nice the past few weeks with the relatively tame media coverage of the Jets and Tebow considering he hasn’t been playing and they’re an awful team so I guess we should have seen this coming.  Here’s hoping the Jets do everyone a favor and just trade Tebow to the Jags in the offseason so this madness will be contained to the area in which it was born and more than 12 people will show up to root for Jacksonville.  As far as the staff picks are going, Craig retains his tight grip on the 3 game lead he has overall after winning last week’s picks outright.  As always you are encouraged to pick along with us in the comments section or compliment us tirelessly on our amazing insight.  Here are this week’s games and our overall standings:

Kimmy  = 94-51

Craig = 97-48

Dom = 86-59

Kari = 88-57

Andrew = 89-56

Lori = 78-35

Week #11Kimmy’s PickCraig’s PickDom’s PickKari’s PickAndrew’s PickLori’s Pick
MIA @ BUFBillsBillsDolphinsDolphinsBillsDolphins
ARI @ ATLFalconsFalconsFalconsFalconsFalconsFalcons
CLE @ DALCowboysCowboysCowboysCowboysCowboysBrowns
GB @ DETPackersPackersPackersPackersPackersPackers
CIN @ KCChiefsBengalsBengalsBengalsBengalsBengals
NYJ @ STLRamsRamsRamsRamsRamsRams
IND @ NEPatriotsColtsPatriotsColtsColtsColts
PHI @ WASRedskinsEaglesRedskinsRedskinsRedskinsRedskins
TB @ CARPanthersBucsBucsBucsPanthersBucs
JAX @ HOUTexansTexansTexansTexansTexansTexans
NO @ OAKSaintsSaintsSaintsSaintsSaintsSaints
SD @ DENBroncosBroncosBroncosBroncosBroncosBroncos
BAL @ PITSteelersSteelersRavensSteelersSteelersSteelers
CHI @ SF49ers49ers49ersBears49ers49ers
BYE:  Tennessee, Minnesota, NY Giants, Seattle