Steelers May Sign Burress; So Now We Have Two Wallace’s?


Plax could add a ‘real’ deep threat for the Steelers. But can anyone pass it to him? Credit: Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

I’m having a tough time ummm pulling the trigger on this one, but I’ll go ahead and give it a shot.

The Steelers receiving core is hurting. Aside from Leftwich’s own issues against the Ravens, the receiving core is having its own struggles as becoming viable targets no matter who is behind center.

The flurry of reports have been coming out of the ‘Burgh that former Steeler/Giant/Jet Palxico Burress is working out with the Steelers today. Some go as far to say that the team could sign him today and start him against the Browns this Sunday.

Ok, so let’s say that Burress passes all tests with flying colors and the Steelers sign him. Awesomesauce because now the Steelers finally have a deep threat who can run more than one route. What? Come on. You don’t seriously think that Plax is there to replace Brown while he is still out do you? With Brown out and Cotchery probably out, it looks like on the surface Plax’s purpose would be to fill those gaps. But, the reality is if he is on this team, Plax will be the new Mike Wallace. Why? Well like we usually ask during most games this season, ‘Where the heck is Wallace?!’

Wallace has been playing like he’s worth the league minimum (if that) this season. Somehow he doesn’t think that big time stats will land him a big time contract – with the Steelers or with another team. His efforts have been poor – none bigger than in the 4th quarter against the Ravens when Lefty threw him a low pass and he let it one hop instead of coming back to the ball. The ironic thing is is that it looked very Plaxico-like in performance. Half assed.

Maybe if Burress is on the team he will play with fire and purpose. He’s bee working out this whole season and it seems like he still has some things to prove.  I hope so because someone needs to step up as the #1 receiver while the real one still sits with a foot injury.

Now who replaces Brown? Any chance or Ward coming out or retirement?