Happy Thanksgiving Steeler Fans


It’s Turkey Time and this year, the NFL is serving us up with three games while we stuff our faces all day long.   But while we are watching football, eating way too much food, argue over the lumpy mashed potatoes (also known as family traditions), and avoid the uncle who’s been telling you for six years get a new haircut, let us reflect and be Thankful that we can do such things and more.

I won’t get all mushy so here is what I’m thankful for Steelers style:

The ‘Burgh and Heinz Field – Pittsburgh is by far the best place to watch football.  Watching the sea of Terrible Towels fly is inspiring and there are no better fans than the citizens of Steeler Nation.  This is my home town and my heart goes a pitter patter when I see that camera pull back from the open end in Heinz Field and include the skyline of that beautiful city.

Terrible Towels – I’m thankful for The Terrible Towel.  Anyone who’s grown up as a Steeler fan is told of the incarnation of this towel and carries that tradition like a badge of honor.  It’s a sacred piece of Steelers history.  I’m proud that our team can have such traditions that are present for every game and not just some marketing ploy that only comes out only when a team makes the playoffs.  Beware those who defile this relic – I’m looking at you Ray Rice.

Ben Roethlisberger – Without this franchise QB, the Steelers would be without most of the success from the last eight seasons – including those two Super Bowl wins.  Similar to the absence of Peyton Manning with the Colts last year, Big Ben is showing his MVP worth while he sits out with his rib and shoulder injury.  He’s shown by leaps and bounds that athletes with early success can grow up and mature – I’m happy he’s been able to take that big step.  Heal up with some pumpkin pie, Ben.

Steelers 101 – My son reads this book so many times in a week.  He is 2 and 5 months old.  He can look at the ‘Legends’ page and point to each player and identify each one – Jack Lambert to Terry Bradshaw to ‘Mean’ Joe Green.  Seeing him look at that book and learn such a rich history is kind of awesome.  I can’t wait until he gets older and begins to fully pay attention to games.  All he does right now is point to the screen and yell ‘He caught it!’  ‘He passed it!’  ‘Look Dad! Steelers!’  or ‘Touchdown!’  Love it.  If you have a chance I highly recommend the book!

My Wife – She lets me watch guilt free every Sunday.  She’ll watch most games with me and will take care of our son when a game is on and he needs something or goes to bed.  Truly this is  a huge sacrifice – she’s doing something she may not want to be doing at the time and is missing the game.  Now THAT’S love.

Well that’s my list for this year.  Hope all of you in Steeler Nation have a great Thanksgiving.  Enjoy and stay safe.  Please be responsible and don’t drink and drive.

Gobble gobble, yinzers.