Will Steeler ‘Shake-up’ Mean A Win In Baltimore?


“Ok ‘fat back.’ Being #1 means that you take the ball and run with it. Can you do that? I need to shake things up.”

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said this week that there will be a shakeup within the team.  I’m guessing that means within the roster as far as who gets playing time.  But, I hope it’s more than just at the running back position.

Rashard Mendenhall, who has been listed as the #1 running back on the team even while he was recovering from a 2011 season ending injury throughout the first three weeks of 2012, was dropped to the #3 spot.  Jonathan Dwyer is now #1 on the depth chart and Isaac Redman follows.  I guess you could consider that a ‘shake-up,’ but considering Dwyer has been the #1 performing back all season who is really surprised?

What I want to see happen this week against Baltimore, is exactly what I pointed out in my last post about the team needing a transformation of utilizing the younger talent that is actually making an impact on this roster.  My guess is that little will be revealed during practice as to what the shakeup is unless we see more reps by a particular player.  And if we don’t see that but see more playing time from someone we wouldn’t expect to see, when then chalk that up as another ill tactic by Tomlin of making sure his players are prepared for game day.

So Steeler Nation, what say you?  How confident are you in Tomlin’s declaration of a ‘shake-up?’  Will it translate into a ‘W’ on Sunday?