Bruce Arians To Coach in AZ: ‘Steelers West’ Continues


Break out the sunscreen Brucy. You’re in the southwest now.

They really can’t just help themselves can they down there in the Copper State.  In the past ten years alone, the Arizona Cardinals organization has grabbed so many former Pittsburgh Steelers, one would begin to think that the Steelers had a AAA minor league team in the southwest (or would it be the other way around – who’s ‘calling up’ who?).

The latest former member of the Black & Gold to head down to Arizona would be former offensive coordinator Bruce Arians.  Arians coached with the Steelers for a grand total of eight years – wide receivers coach and offensive coordinator.  Arians was fired/retired at the end of 2011 and went to the Colts where he became their offensive coordinator.  When head coach Chuck Pagano went under treatments for leukemia, Arians took over as interim head coach.  He lead the Colts to a 9-3 (11-5 overall) record and a playoff birth once he took over.

Arians is a still hot button topic here in Pittsburgh – not only for the way he was dismissed from the team, but also his perceived lack of production while he coached the offense.  Arians has a tall task in front of him as Arizona’s OC.  Their QB situation is dismal – probably the worst case scenario in the NFL.  It will be up to him to help find a new QB to pave the way to better days.  People in Arizona should be somewhat encouraged.  Arians is a quarterback kind of guy.  The relationship he had with Ben Roethlisberger while in Pittsburgh was a strong one, and his relationship with rookie Andrew Luck while in Indy helped make Luck a force in his first year in the NFL.  The same is sure to happen while in Arizona.  Whether he can keep the rest of the team, defense and special teams, in order while he is there is to be seen.

Best of luck to Arians and the Mini-Steelers in the 2013 season.