Steelers MMQB: NFL Conference Championship Games Wrap Up


Tom Brady is sad. That helps a little. Mandatory Credit: Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

What We Learned in the NFL Conference Championship Weekend

  • Steeler Nation is being punished
  • Atlanta Defense fails to stop Kaepernick and Davis
  • Falcon fan stabbed following NFC Championship game
  • Tom Brady blows it and Belichick pouts
  • Ray Lewis nothing but humble
  • Harbowl already turning people off of SB XLVII

Clearly we’re being punished, Steeler Nation.  We all know we’re spoiled, we expect the Steelers to be in the Super Bowl every year because that’s what we’ve grown accustomed to.  I’m not sure what the egregious offenses were exactly but the Football Gods are clearly not pleased with us and now we must suffer the consequences.  It was bad enough to have to watch another AFC Championship between the Ratbirds and Patriots but now we’re staring down our worst nightmare as we’ll be flooded with nonstop coverage of Ray Lewis and his dancing/crying/preaching farewell tour and the Jagoff vs. Jagoff that will be the Super Bowl between the two Harbaugh brothers coaching.  Ugh.  I’m disgusted already.  Let’s throw out some cheap shots.

Last week we saw Seattle and their offense pick apart the Falcons defense in their comeback from a 20-0 deficit.  This week we saw Atlanta jump out to another easy 17-0 lead, only to blow every chance defensively to stop Kaepernick, Gore, and Vernon Davis collectively.  Also, apparently Randy Moss is still alive and well in the NFL and actually caught a few passes on his way to his first Super Bowl appearance with the 49ers.  While the top seeded Falcons managed to win their first playoff game under head coach Mike Smith and quarterback Matt Ryan, they didn’t seem to have enough gas left in the tank to stop the surging 49ers.  Jim Harbaugh goes from throwing toddler-like temper tantrums on the sidelines to rejoicing over a Super Bowl berth.  Clearly his move to bench Alex Smith following his concussion in favor of Colin Kaepernick has paid off.  A risky move considering Smith was not playing badly and the team was succeeding.  But Harbaugh made his choice and now he’s doing as a coach what he was a Hail Mary batted down in the endzone of Three Rivers Stadium away from doing as a quarterback, he’s going to the Super Bowl.

Following the NFC Championship in Atlanta, a Falcons fan is now recovering in the hospital from stab wounds received in a fight with a 49ers fan outside of the stadium.  If you’re thinking that the most incidents we hear about regarding fan violence sending someone to the hospital stemming around the 49ers, you’d be right.  There have been several incidents of stabbings and fights outside of Candlestick Park in San Francisco following 49ers game against the Giants and Raiders.  The Falcons fan is reportedly in stable condition and there is no truth to the rumors that Ray Lewis was involved in this stabbing although if the police in New Orleans know what’s good for them, they’d be on high alert next week, for all parties concerned.

Speaking of Ray Lewis, how humble is this man?  Just unassuming, going about his business not wanting any attention or praise kind of hard working guy huh?  If you’ve gotten sick of the entire Ray Lewis last ride BS, you’re going to take a turn for the worse before you get any better.  If you like your football without a side of religion, you might not want to follow any part of these purple guys.  Apparently God likes them the most and that’s why they got to finally win and beat Tom Brady and the Patriots.  The Godly Terrell Suggs was heard screaming at reporters to tell the Patriots to “Have fun in the Pro Bowl” and then added, “Arrogant f*****s” just for good measure.  Meanwhile, Lewis was probably leading a prayer circle or a Soul Train dance line in the middle of the Patriots field.

Can’t get away from the fact that the Ratbirds beat the Patriots and beat them soundly.  Tom Brady managed only one touchdown and two interceptions after leading an offense that scored 557 points this season.  Flacco’s policy of chucking the ball in the air and seeing if either his receiver will catch it or if they’ll be the benefactor of a pass interference call is still working apparently.  In all fairness though Anquan Boldin has been catching everything this post season and for his sake I hope he’s gotten his flu shot.  The Ratbirds defense held the Patriots scoreless in the second half of the game.  Following the loss, the hoodie pouted and refused to do the obligatory “we just didn’t make enough plays” interview with CBS on the field but did give his usual emotionless press conference following the game.

For the first time since 2003 the Super Bowl will not have a quarterback named Brady, Manning, or Roethlisberger playing.  Does this make Flacco elite now?  You bet your ass his agent will think it does as Flacco will be renegotiating for a new contract this offseason regardless of the outcome of the Super Bowl.  Make your plans now Steeler Nation, are you going to watch just for the commercials and hope to stomach though the jagoffery or are you going to boycott all together and finally clean that garage out?  Super Bowl XLVII is less than two weeks away and it’s going to blow.

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