NFL 2012-13 Season Predictions Review

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AFC West Who had this year as the Norv Turner finally got the ax?  Peyton Manning returned to his old ways of dominating in the regular season and blowing it big-time in the post season and the Kansas City Chiefs will send 6 player to the Pro Bowl after winning only 2 games this season.

Denver Broncos:  My prediction = 11-5, Actual finish = 13-3.  I don’t think even ESPN could have predicted the Broncos would have done so great in the regular season.  Of course not, they were too busy covering the Jets all season.

Kansas City Chiefs: My prediction = 6-10, Actual finish = 2-14.  Andy Reid comes to town and his first order of business should be finding a quarterback because 2 wins is about all you’re going to get between Brady Quinn and Matt Cassel.

Oakland Raiders: Apparently I completely skipped the Raiders in my original predictions post.  I thought about firing my proof reader over the mishap but then I reconsidered because I’m my own proof reader and none of you readers noticed it either.  The Raiders went 4-12 this season which included a win over our Steelers.  There are 2 things you can be certain of when wondering how next season is going to go for them 1.  They will draft whoever has the fastest 40 time at the combine and 2. They’ll still stink

San Diego Chargers:  My prediction = 6-10, Actual finish = 7-9.  Norv finally got the boot.  Funny how many of the top tier head coaching candidates never really considered San Diego.  Now they have Ken Whisenhunt as their OC and Philip Rivers still blows.

AFC South  The Texans blew the doors open on this division but the Colts surprised everybody going from a 2 win season to the playoffs in just Andrew Luck’s first NFL season.

Indianapolis Colts: My prediction = 5-11, Actual finish = 11-5.  Yeah I didn’t give them much of a chance.

Jacksonville Jaguars: My prediction = 3-13, Actual finish = 2-14.  How bad to you have to be to be worse than a 3 win season prediction?

Tennessee Titans: My prediction = 6-10, Actual finish = 6-10. Nailed it.  The Titans game is definitely one of those games the Steelers wish they had back to do over again.

Houston Texans: My prediction = 12-4, Actual finish 12-4.  Nailed it again.  The Texans went from the top of the AFC to not even having a first round bye.  Kudos to them for knocking the Bungles out of the playoffs for the second year in a row though.

AFC East I almost don’t even want to talk about this division.  I feel like ESPN has ruined talking about anything remotely close to the Jets it’s sickening.  Not that I spent a whole lot of time before talking about the Jets but now it just seems dirty to do it.

Buffalo Bills: My prediction = 7-9, Actual finish = 6-10.  It’s very cold there.

Miami Dolphins: My prediction = 8-8, Actual finish = 7-9.  The Dolphins lost a lot of games they easily could have won this season and might just have a quarterback that could help bring them out of their misery of constantly finishing too low to make the playoffs but not low enough to pick up some big name draft picks.

New England Patriots: My prediction = 10-6, Actual finish = 12-4.  Anyone else still feel dirty for actually wishing they would have won last week?  Yeah me too.  Gross.

NY Jets: My prediction = 7-9, Actual finish = 6-10.  The Jets are the joke of the NFL.  From their ownership to their players, they’re a friggin joke and I’m not going to waste any breath talking about them.

AFC North I remember feeling outraged before the season started when the experts were predicting the Steelers to finish 3rd in the division behind the Ratbirds and Bungles.  Doh.  I also predicted LaMarr Woodley would break the sack record this season.  Well Woodley once said the Ravens would never make it to the Super Bowl as long as he was playing so apparently we both can be wrong about things.

Baltimore Ravens:  My prediction = 11-5, Actual finish = 10-6.  I’ve learned one thing this season about myself.  I’ve often admitted that I am a big old baby when the Steelers lose and that it basically physically affects me to see them lose.  I’ve now learned I have almost an identical reaction to the Ravens winning.  It’s not pretty.  My temper tantrums over the past few weeks on the Ravens path to the Super Bowl have been about as pretty as Terrell Suggs’ face.

Cleveland Browns:  My prediction = 3-13, Actual finish = 5-11.  The Browns cleaned house under new ownership.  Unfortunately for them though, they will remain in Cleveland.

Cincinnati Bengals: My prediction = 4-12, Actual finish = 10-6.  Haha I actually said they’d finish 4-12.  How do you guys let me get away with stuff like that?  Seriously though, I’ll probably never pick them to finish over .500, the hatred runs deep.

Pittsburgh Steelers:  My prediction = 13-3, Actual finish = 8-8.  Yeah, that happened.  I fully admit to being a Steelers homer but even the most realistic of fans can still be disappointed with the missed opportunities that were the signature of the Steelers 2012-13 season.  Now it’s time for Colbert and Khan to shine, manage that cap down and reload with draft picks that will right this ship.  I fully back the coaching staff, I might be the only one but I think the games were lost on the field by the players and not on the sidelines by the coaching staff.

There you have it, now that the season is over (yes I know the Super Bowl has yet to be played but the season is over in my book) we can look back and break out into profanity laced tirades about blown leads in Tennessee, interceptions in Dallas, and fumbles in Cleveland.  There is no longer offseason in sports than the football offseason and this one is longer than we’re used to.


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