Super Bowl 2013: Ray Lewis The Dirtiest NFL Golden Boy


A humble Lewis answers questions about being a great leader, but won’t field questions about the murder trial nor the deer antler extract. Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Reports flew and swirled throughout New Orleans when Sports Illustrated broke a story on Tuesday that Ray Lewis used deer antler extract to help speed along his recovery from his triceps injury.  How was it introduced into the body you ask – a spray under the tongue.  As gross as that is, the offensive part of using that extract is that the company that manufactures the extract, Sports with Alternatives to Steroids (S.W.A.T.S), has said that it contains IGF-1 – a banned substance by the NFL.

Of course, when Ray Ray was approached about this during the Ravens media day on Tuesday, Ray completely denied even using the substance during his recovery.  He went even further with his denials.  Here are some of his greatest hits:

"– That was a two-year-old story that you want me to refresh.  I wouldn’t give him the credit to even mention his name or his antics in my speeches or my moment. I can’t do it. So I won’t even speak about it.– Every test I’ve ever took in the NFL? There’s never been a question if I’ve ever even thought about using anything. So to even entertain stupidity like that, tell him to try to get his story off somebody else.– My only purpose in life is to find different ways to help people and encourage people and make our world a better place"

Lewis also gave numerous responses about the murder he was involved in.  He was dismissive and avoided those questions regarding the murder, turning to ‘God’ as reasons and saying,

"I just truly feel that this is God’s time, and whatever his time is, you know, let it be his will. Don’t try to please everybody with your words, try to make everybody’s story sound right. At this time, I would rather direct my questions in other places. Because I live with that every day. You maybe can take a break from it. I don’t. I live with it every day of my life and I would rather not talk about it today."

Wow, there’s a lot one could read into that little soap box.  Brushing aside the fact that he’s completely avoiding the situation and somehow is ‘living with it’ (What is ‘it’ exactly?  The murder? Guilt?), he certainly loves to be hypocritical.  ‘Don’t try to please everybody with your words…’  One of the many things that pisses me off about this sorry sack of a man is that he loves to get on his podium about being a humble leader and giving all his praises to God, yet he will take up an hour of time on the podium to talk about himself and his career.  This humble man loves to do his epileptic dances whenever he can and seems to place Vapo Rub under his eyes without anyone really noticing for those Insta Tears.  Would you ever see or hear someone like Polamalu do things like this?

There’s so much dirt that exists around this guy, yet he somehow remains one of Goodell’s Golden Boys of the NFL.  His murder trial became an inconvenience and a hardship for Lewis to overcome, never mind the families involved with the murder itself.  It became part of the ‘story’ concocted by the NFL during the Ravens last Super Bowl win back in 2000/2001.  It was disgusting then, and is as disgusting now that he can brush off questions about that part of his past – arguing that none of us are qualified to try to understand.  Sorry for being compassionate human beings, you jag.  Now, during his ‘final ride’ off into the sunset, Lewis is splattered like blood from a knife wound all over the place as a great man who was one of the best LB’s.  ESPN is especially guilty for pushing the Lewis and the ‘Ray-vens’ farewell tour.  The man has become bigger than the team.  Humble indeed.

So here we are with Lewis being accused of taking a substance that potentially contains an illegal substance.  There’s little question as to whether or not he at least had possession.  There are video recorded phone calls, according to the New York Daily News article that owner of SWATS, Mitch Ross, had with Lewis shortly after his triceps injury.  ‘Just pile me up and send me everything you got,’ is just part of the conversation Lewis had with Ross.  But Lewis denies this conversation ever happened.  Is he lying?  Absolutely.  Why admit to taking the substance before you are about to end your career on the biggest stage in the world?  I’m sure he’ll get “Armstrong’ed” soon enough.  But until then, Lewis will still look like the Golden Boy to his teammates, his coaches, the owner, Goodell and every media outlet out there shaking the Tebow cobwebs out of their empty journalistic brains.  It’s quite possible that IGF-1 may not actually exist in the substance, and that even if it did, his body may not have absorbed the IGF.  As plausible as that is, it’s still an illegal substance.  And I can’t help but think that this substance gave him an advantage in his recovery…. and maybe even his performance after his return – he is playing some of his best football in years.  Inspired football? Or chemically induced?  Even if we knew for a fact on this very day that Lewis ingested IGF-1, he would still play in the Super Bowl.  Period.

It’s one thing to hate yet respect a player.  Respect Ray Lewis?  Cold day in hell before I ever could.  He’s played us all for years, and continues to play this humble child of God act – but does it in such an over the top way.  Kind of makes Tebow look like a heathen these days.  Love him or hate him, you have to admit that he’s had a shady past and that his placement upon some golden mantle is unfounded.  No no, my friends, it will be a great day to see this man to never step on the field again.  And hopefully, it will be without another Super Bowl ring.