Super Bowl 2013: Ravens vs. 49’ers Predictions


Two teams enter, but only ones comes out a champion. Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

As much as I am reticent to talk about a 49’ers v Ravens Super Bowl, I figured it would be good to toss out there a few predictions for the game on Sunday.  Check out these predictions for the Super Bowl and weigh in.

Combined points scored will be under 30.

The Super Bowl hasn’t seen a combined score of under 30 points since 1978 in Super Bowl IX when the Steelers faced off against the Vikings for a combined score of 22 points.  These two teams have some very tough defenses. And while the 49’ers and QB Collin Kaepernick have run rampant during the playoffs, the Ravens D has stood tall against teams like the Patriots and Colts.  I expect both D’s to step up and play tough.  Only a couple of TD’s will be seen this night in New Orleans.

A wide receiver will win MVP

One of the most explosive players on the field is Torrey Smith.  He has shown time and time again that he can burn just about anyone who is covering him.  Smith will get one of the few TD’s scored in this game and rack up a ton of yards.  Flacco COULD win the MVP but he won’t.  A few interceptions will keep him from hoisting that trophy along with the Lombardi if the final score is in the Ravens’ favor.  Michael Crabtree has also been pouring it on this post season.  Kaepernick will connect with him on a few big gains and a TD, but the QB will not have a big running game he is so dependent on.  If the Niners hoist the Lombardi, look for Crabtree to take MVP.

Game will be decided by a field goal

Whether I’m wrong about the over/under of this game, it will certainly be close.  Numerous Super Bowls have seen the pressure put on the kickers.  None is more infamous than the Adam Vinatieri field goal that won Super Bowl XXXVI for the Patriots over the Rams in 2001/2002.  I’m predicting that the game will come down to the legs of either Justin Tucker (who already has a post season winning FG) or David Akers.  I know I know.  By including Akers in this prediction it seems like a bold one.  But I’m taking veteran experience into account.  A kicker will win this game.

Harbaugh’s will only whine once a piece

THIS, my friends, is a bold prediction.  Two coaches who are iconically known to whine more than my two and a half year old, are going face to face on Sunday.  I’m fully confident that they will feel that the refs are out there to let their brother win, but they will remain under control while being thrust into the lens of the entire world.

49’ers come out on top

Even though some of these predictions seem that they would favor the Ravens, I can’t deny the spread and Nate Silver.  Yes it will be a close game ruled by both defenses.  But the it’s the Niners year, and we will see the team out of San Fran tie the Steelers for the NFL record in Super Bowl wins.  I couldn’t live with myself if I saw Ray Lewis walk off a champion anyways…. so the Niners better win.