Who doesn't love a good video g..."/>

Who doesn't love a good video g..."/>

Who doesn't love a good video g..."/>

Madden NFL 13 Super Bowl XLVII Prediction


Who doesn’t love a good video game prediction of who will come out on top in Super Bowl XLVII?  The Madden franchise has played the Super Bowl on its yearly Madden NFL platform and has successfully selected the winner seven of the last nine Super Bowls.  Yeowzers that’s almost Nate Silver good.  Check out the video of highlights:

This year, the Madden game predicts that the Ravens will come out as the winner.  It’s a close game for most of the first half.  The Ravens appear to pour it on in the second half, but the ‘Niners tie the game late in the fourth quarter.  The Ravens take a 27-24 lead off a Justin Tucker field goal – which I said a game winning field goal would decide this game.  The ‘Niners try and come back, but somehow Ed Reed intercepts a pass to ice the game.

In my opinion, I hope this is one of those times when Madden is not right, and Ray Lewis does not come out a champion before he hangs up the cleats.  Here are the years Madden has correctly predicted the winner:

2004 Super Bowl XXXVIII: Patriots vs. Panthers

2005 Super Bowl XXXIX: Patriots vs. Eagles

2006 Super Bowl XL: Steelers vs. Seahawks

2007 Super Bowl XLI: Colts vs. Bears

2009 Super Bowl XLIII: Steelers vs. Cardinals

2010 Super Bowl XLIV: Saints vs. Colts

2012 Super Bowl XLVI: Giants vs. Patriots

In 2009, Madden came within two points of predicting the final score in Super Bowl XLIII.  Looks like Flacco and Lewis come out on top after all.  What do you think?