Super Bowl XLVII 2013: Why This Steelers Fan Is Rooting For the 49’ers


What do you mean I was supposed to wear a suit to this thing? Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There is no doubt that this is the worst case scenario for any Steeler fan when it comes to crowing the next Super Bowl champion.  The game itself will be difficult to watch.  Much like our cohort, Kimmy, the game will be more of a Statler and Waldorf commentary and paying that much more attention to the commercials.

‘I haven’t watched something this awful in a long time.’

‘Oh yeah? What was that?’

‘My wife saying ‘I do.”


There are cases to be made why neither team is a good one for any Steeler fan in their right mind to openly cheer for.  And surprisingly enough, there are Steeler players that have come out in favor of the Ravens.  Excuse me while I go throw up…. Sorry fellas, but I have to stop you there.  I may love you playing on the field, but if you’re rooting for your most hated rival, then you’ve had one too many hits to the head.

So why am I quietly hoping for the San Francisco 49’ers defeat the Ravens?  One word – respect.  See that’s the thing about a heated and hate filled rival – I don’t really respect the Baltimore Ravens.  It’s John Harbaugh, it’s Ray Lewis (before and after the PED news), it’s T-Sizzle, it’s the Ed Reed infatuation, it’s Baltimore fans, it’s the ‘elite’ Joe Flacco.  Just about everything that is purple and black and gold rightfully receives my venom and lack of respect.  It seems that every single season and every single game and every single moment in their miserable existence the Ravens go out of their way to be disrespectful to any and all that cross their path.  I guess Ray Ray doesn’t preach sportsmanship from his podium.  Maybe it’s not part of ‘his’ Ten Commandments.

Some argue that it’s just a sting in the wound for Steeler fans if the Ravens win.  They will have to put up with the Ravens and their bragging rights for a full season, and soon that will swiftly go away as the Ravens head into obscurity.  Joe Flacco will be named ‘elite.’  Ray Lewis will ride off on a deer into the sunset.  John Harbaugh will finally get his trophy.  Ed Reed can retire a happy man.  The Ravens will be validated.  All of that will be said, yet somehow we as Steeler fans are supposed to find comfort because we know ‘the truth.’  The most important thing in the bigger picture is that the 49’ers are left empty handed so that they do not tie the Steelers for most Super Bowl wins.  Somehow for those who want the Ravens win is the most important thing.

And that’s where I disagree.  Respect.  As much as I hate the Harbaugh clan, I can actually respect the San Francisco 49’ers.  They have a storied franchise of amazing players and coaches.  Guys like Montana, Young, Walsh, Rice.  It’s a team, despite their idiot child of a coach, I can respect now and I can certainly respect them winning a 6th Super Bowl.  So what?  They tie the best NFL franchise to ever exist in Super Bowl wins.  I can respect that.  It’s good company to be in.

But what about the debate of best franchise?  Who’s the better 6 Super Bowl win team?  Well who cares if that becomes part of the debate.  It’s a healthy debate.  Let it act as motivation for an organization who had a pretty terrible year in getting back up to Super Bowl form.  Go get a 7th Super Bowl.  Hell, they came very close two years ago against the Packers – otherwise this wouldn’t even be a friggin’ debate.

So, let the tattooed boy wonder and the baby with the red Sharpie take home the Lombardi.  I can respect that.  But what I can’t respect is a team that has no respect for anyone but themselves.  What I can’t respect is a division rival take home a trophy that they don’t really deserve.

That’s why I’m rooting for those ‘Niners.