Steelers Mike Wallace Rumors: Dolphins In Pursuit


Photo Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Spoiler Alert – Mike Wallace is not returning to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Steelers haven’t made an offer, and they have been rather tight lipped with their intentions.  But, you are one deluded fool if you think Mike Wallace will be wearing a Steelers uniform in 2013.  There are other teams out there in need of someone with Wallace’s skill set – speed and height.  Teams with the cash and just dumb enough to cash out on a player who has yet to show his full potential.

The Miami Dolphins have a large chunk of change to spend this year on free agency if they choose.  Last season, the Dolphins drafted rookie QB Ryan Tannehill as the 8th overall pick.  Tannehill has the makings of being a pretty darn good quarterback.  Tannehill had two weapons to target on the roster, but none with huge playmaker abilities like Wallace.  Brian Hartline (6-2, 199lbs.) and Davone Bess (5-10, 193lbs.) had solid seasons in 2012, but the offense struggled to get into the end zone.  Jeff Darlington of notes:

"The Dolphins covet Wallace because of his ability to make plays in the end zone, recognizing their high reliance on field goals in close games last season. They covet his speed, which would add a dynamic that was missing on a team without a player who could force defenses to respect the deep ball."

Being Steelers fans, we are all too familiar with the difficulties in punching the rock into the end zone and settle on field goals.  That’s why on one hand it’s not ideal to see Wallace go.  But, there’s bad blood and there’s no way the Steelers offer more than $7-8 million after the dumpster of a season from Wallace.  He wants more, and the Dolphins have the money to add a big playmaker to their arsenal.

There are other problems the Dolphins need to address if they want Wallace to be an effective receiver.  He’s a one trick poney and can only run the deep route.  That equates to time standing in the pocket no matter how fast a 40 Wallace can run.  The Dolphins offensive line allowed 35 sacks last season, which is just one less than what the Steelers offensive line gave up across their three QB’s – and we all know how many deep balls Wallace had last season.  Wallace is only part of the answer, and the Dolphins better hope they can give Tannehill the time or Wallace will be a waste of time, effort, and money.