Steelers Offensive Maneuvers in the Dark

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  • Wish 2 Make – Brian Hoyer:  for years now I have blasted our Front Office for not adequately addressing our backup QB situation.  In my opinion we did not do a good job developing Dennis Dixon (were it not for a blown knee, a Heisman winner?) and don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Charlie Batch and trust “Coach Charlie” to deliver exactly what is needed in relief of Big Ben.  But, CB appropriately starts each year listed as 3rd on the Depth Chart, and so it is inexcusable not to have signed Brian Hoyer last year when we had him already in a Steeler uniform.   Translation for not doing so is we now cannot afford to give up a 2nd round pick for our first choice in Hoyer, settled for Gradkowski at a higher dollar amount and will likely take some “quarterback sneaks” in the mid-late rounds of the 2013 Draft.    The Steelers should have moved Charlie from Player to QB Coach and kept Hoyer in Pittsburgh.
  • Wish 2 Make – James Harrison: firstly, thank God James Harrison is not a Bengal.  A) of all, I can’t bear to see #92 in some other AFC North uniform, likely terrorizing our Tackles and QB and B) of all, Harrison is still the most badass looking linebacker in pads and that Darth Vader face mask/glare shield.  Watching and knowing how our front office operates, clearly we felt Debo was up to and capable of returning as our starting OLB opposite “Calorie” Woodley; otherwise, the Steeler brass would not have bothered with their initial offer to resign him and simply let him walk (a la Keenan Lewis – even at offering James 30% off his $6.57 mil in our Cap situation clearly shows we wanted him back, just not for more than his current value).  I wish James (or, his agent) had enough foresight to have inked and been on the roster, and for our management to have not closed the door completely.  James Harrison is PURE PITTSBURGH STEELER.  For those of us ole skool Steeler fans from the ’70s, “the Silverback” seems to be the last vestige of nasty demolishers that has always been a part of Steeler tradition and lore.
  • Wish 2 Make – 

    ok, here’s another disclaimer: I am a Wake Forest alum, and can be admittedly biased on things Demon Deacon and all things Black & Gold in general.  But, no need for bias here.  The former 4th pick overall in the 2009 Draft by the Seattle Seahawks, some consider Mr. Curry one of the biggest of draft busts.  But, I have always felt Aaron just needed the right system: he’s smaller, but an athletic freak

    Former Oakland Raiders linebacker Aaron Curry (51) would fill out a Pittsburgh Steeler uniform nicely. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

    of nature that he blew up the NFL combine with and that propelled him into a 4th overall pick.  Sometimes, it’s just bad chemistry; the Hawks played Aaron out of position in a system that did not lend itself to his physique or skill set, then soured on him when he got hurt.  He was out of Oakland after additional knee injuries, but I still say Curry just needs the right team, at the right time and place.  He’s got some knee injuries that I’m not entirely sure about at this time of writing, but for almost the price of a handshake we could sign a former #4 pick overall.  Aaron Curry is the type of high-caliber character person coupled with extreme, freakish athleticism that could very well turn his disappointing pro career into the alter-ego version of James Harrison’s rise from undrafted Rookie to NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

  • Move 2 Make – Britton Colquit:  Our punting game wasn’t horrible last year, but this is professional football and I’d like to see some league-leading improvement.  Plus, Sepulveda spoiled me a little – can’t believe his and our bad luck with Dan’s health, but being able to force the issue with a strong punting game could mean all the difference in an “inch is a mile” conference like the brutal AFC North.  Make a move and sign Britton Colquit (yup, son of Craig).  Colquit booted a third-best in the NFL average of 42.1 yards per punt in 2012, with a punt return average of only six yards.  And if we have us a new Bradshaw, we might as well have a new Colquit.
  • Anyone take offense with this list of eleventh hour, maneuvers in the dark with leftover pocket change we can make (or should I mention scenarios for bringing back Limus Sweed)?  My GM delusions of grandeur needs these deals to not only work, but work all the way to New York and our Lombardi #7 with #7, and everyone picking up a new “Bradshaw” jersey for themselves.

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