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There is a lot of discussion about Pittsburgh finally taking on a Quarterback, and I really like two options, one as a possibility and another that should otherwise happen:

  • Tyler Bray – Tennessee: some solid reporting coming along after the Steelers Coaches on-campus visit with Bray.  I don’t think it’s a stretch at all to say Pittsburgh is interested in this kid.  While his draft stock shows some real promise, I still can’t figure how his numbers weren’t any better with all of the 1st Round receiving talent he had there in Knoxville.  If the Steelers don’t do what I hope they do here, Bray could be an eventual Steeler draftee.
  • EJ Manuel – Florida State: highly gifted, physically commanding Quarterback; EJ is going to make some team an excellent selection, but I don’t think it will be Pittsburgh.
  • Zac Dysert – Miami of Ohio: this kid looks like a great prospect to me, regardless of the obvious direct compares to Big Ben and coming out of the exact same College.  Dysert doesn’t have the inconsistencies and flaws of Bray in my opinion, and is a perfect understudy to Roethlisberger.

There are certainly other quality QBs we could talk about here (Tyler Wilson from Arkansas, Ryan Nassib from Syracuse or Mike Glennon from NC State, etc.), but given our visit directly with Bray and the Big Ben type of playmaker Dysert already is, I think the Steelers will make an excellent 3rd Round Pick in selecting Zac Dysert.


With the 1st pick of the 1970 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers Select:”
Quarterback – Terry Bradshaw, Louisiana Tech

Pittsburgh Steeler Hall of Fame Quarterback Terry Bradshaw

The “blonde bomber” put up 27,989 yards passing and 4 Super Bowl Rings towards another Steeler Hall of Fame Career, and what a career it was.  “TB” was the original gun-slinger in Steel Town; I never thought there would be another Quarterback to supplant Bradshaw as the Steelers “Best Ever”, but winning at least one more Super Bowl Ring gets Big Ben awfully close, if not right there.  Still, the Glory Days with Terry at Quarterback will long live in the annals of NFL history as one of the all-time greatest dynasties, and Terry Bradshaw one of the most iconic and beloved player in Steeler lore.


Draft Zac Dysert, and fully commit to his development as a Starting NFL Quarterback.  In a meaningless game to close out a totally lost Season, I don’t ever again want to see our elite, Franchise Quarterback Roethlisberger going anywhere near the field.  Double that sentiment when it’s against the freakin’ Cleveland Browns!  Otherwise, let’s chisel in more plays onto Hailey’s Rosetta Stone to turn Big Ben loose to make plays down the field; his receivers this year are the type that are gonna really want the football.


Listen up, AFC North. A better line and Ben gets tougher to beat.  A better running game and Ben gets tougher to beat. A determined-to-perform receiving corps makes Ben tougher to beat.  Ben is well-nigh impossible to beat to start with, so improved play by those around him this year gives the Steelers a legitimate shot at playing Playoff football. With Roethlisberger at Quarterback, Pittsburgh is an automatic contender.  Now, roster me up a Backup QB that can win 3 out of 4 football games should anything happen to Big Ben, and I’ll have a whole lot less to be complaining about when we leave Latrobe.

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