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There is a lot of speed at Receiver in this year’s Draft, and I sure like a LOT of these potential picks:

  • Tyler Eifert – Notre Dame: phenomenal prospect at TE; just can’t see this guy falling to us, but? If he’s available, this is a majorly intriguing draft pick.  With or without Heath Miller, an add like Eifert takes our current Receiving roster from “difficult to defend” at minimum to “a real problem” in Big Ben Roethlisberger’s Offense.  Eifert in Pittsburgh would be a highly effective, impactive weapon.
  • Cordarrelle Patterson – Tennessee: could be available; raw, but high upshot potential.  A good number of mocks have Pittsburgh after Patterson at #17; Cordarrelle may be worth that amount of credit, but I think Colbert sees better value in other positions in the 1st Round than any WR other than Eifert, as a Tight End.
  • Tavon Austin – West Virginia: likely unavailable; I don’t want to hear about this guy’s size since I am also 5′ 8″ – Austin is a Playmaker.  Extremely fast, can get physical and is a Special Teams All-Star.  I’d have to say, this is the “type” of player I would think Colbert would be particularly interested in, albeit not as a 1st Rounder.
  • Keenan Allen – California: could be available, is a great talent that plays as your #1 Receiver.  I don’t think he’s what Pittsburgh is necessarily looking for right now, however.
  • DeAndre Hopkins – Clemson: this is the most likely candidate I see for us at WR in an acceptable Round; in the 2nd Round, the Steelers should take advantage of Hopkins’ complete game as a seamless fit into the approaches of both Todd Hailey and Coach Mann.  In my opinion, he’s the 2nd best overall “playmaker” at this position only to Tavon; he absolutely refuses to go down after the catch and is capable of being used significantly in the short, intermediate and deep passing game.  This guy does just about everything, and does it all well which all-in-all is a definite “value-add” for Todd Hailey’s planning.  DeAndre exudes the toughness, physicality, speed, hands and determination that are revered at this Position in Pittsburgh.
  • Justin Hunter – Tennessee: living in Washington, DC I gained an admire for Charlie Casserly and typically like his Draft Analysis as a great personnel evaluator; Casserly has us taking Hunter at #17 as a physical Wide with more than sufficient speed. For what it’s worth.

That’s purposefully a really  short list; another handful of good later-round pick potential exists at this position, I just can’t break down every player right now.  Suffice it that we will at some point certainly be taking some Receivers for sure in this Draft. It won’t be in the first Round, but in the 2nd I can see the Steelers selecting Clemson’s DeAndre Hopkins.


With the 87th Pick of the 1974 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers Select:”
Wide Receiver – John Stallworth, Alabama A&M University

The 87th Pick in 1974 out of Alabama A&M, Stallworth torched NFL Secondaries for a Hall of Fame career, capitalizing in big games with some of the greatest receptions in NFL and Steeler Playoff and Super Bowl History.  Stallworth holds the Super Bowl records for career average per catch (24.4 yards) and single-game average, 40.33 yards in Super Bowl XIV. He also scored touchdowns in eight straight playoff games at one point (1978–1983), an NFL record.

Steeler Receiver Greats John Stallworth, Lynn Swann and Bennie Cunningham

How about combining with fellow Hall of Famer Lynn Swann (USC) and Tight End Bennie Cunningham (Clemson) in 1979 on an Offense that finished #1 in NFL Scoring, and winners of historic Super Bowl Ring #4?!


Draft DeAndre Hopkins. Get more out of Cotchery, and don’t “dink & dunk” our way to the Playoffs – let Ben do what #7 does and expand the field with more deep shots to Brown, Sanders and the impactive Hopkins.  No more “dropsies” or “fumbilitis”, and no more “taking off on plays when I’m not getting the ball”. The Smart Money went to Antonio Brown; I want a Pro Bowl performance in return.


I’m expecting a better ground game premised on a better Offensive Line in both the run and pass; along with healthier work ethic and attitude in a group better suited for Todd Hailey’s Offense, our Receivers get more blue collar and, as a result, get more productive in the stats and areas that really count. We need Heath Miller’s return, a Draft pick that contributes substantially and immediately and for the “New Money Crew”  to cash in, but I believe the Offense and its Receivers get right back to their 3rd down and Red Zone proficiency they exhibited from the first half of last year and carry it, throughout.  You play with a Hall of Fame caliber Quarterback, fellas; this is as good as it gets for the Steelers at Receiver.

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