Steelers Cannot Waste 2013 Draft Pick on QB

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Steelers need to stick with veteran free agent back up QB formula

From 1990-1992 Bubby Brister and Neil O’Donnell backed each other up. Both were Steeler 3rd round draft picks. Both left the Steelers to have successful careers as back ups.  The backup quarterbacks the Steelers have had since 1993 that did not come by way of the Steelers draft:

Mike Tomczak       1985    UFA          Chicago              Steelers 1993-1999

Kent Graham        1992    8thround    NY Giants          Steelers 2000

Tommy Maddox    1992    1stround     Denver              Steelers 2001-2005

Charlie Batch        1998    2ndround    Detroit               Steelers 2003-

Byron Leftwich       2003    1stround    Jacksonville      Steelers 2008, 2010-2012

Mike Tomczak throws for 338 in Steelers to victory over Kansas City in 1996 Monday night game. Image Courtesy of

With the exception of Kent Graham the remaining 4 have had success with Pittsburgh and brought stability to the organization at the quarterback position for the past 20 years –  through veteran free agent signings, not the draft. 

Maddox and Tomczak both saved entire seasons when they took over the starting role during the season leading the Steelers to the playoffs. Maddox for Stewart in 2002 and Tomczak for Miller in 1996.  For 10 years Charlie Batch has filled in at key times and had some significant wins for the Steelers which was never more evident than this past years upset win at Baltimore, the eventual Superbowl Champion. The Steelers need to use their picks today on positions of need and continue to let the other NFL teams do their grooming for them.