The Foot of Moorman: Steelers Sign Punter, Should Add Competition To Special Teams


Brain Moorman is (for now) a Pittsburgh Steeler. Photo Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

See what I did there?

On Tuesday, the Steelers signed punter Brian Moorman onto the roster.  If you haven’t noticed, the Steelers have gone through three punters in the last three seasons.  Daniel Sepulvida started it off with his year after year injury plague.  Then the Steelers moved to Jason Kapinos, who did an ok season but had a pretty poor average – but was it really his fault with such poor coverage teams?  Kapinos was injured most of training camp, so the Steelers went with pedigree and had Drew Butler punt the ball away.  Butler too had less than a stellar year (43.8 yd average, 37.8 net).

It’s tough to be a Steelers kicker or punter.  The coverage teams can be down right awful at times that it’s enough to make you want to rip a paper towel dispenser off the bathroom wall.  Don’t let the stats deceive either.  Butler, though his average is under 45 yards, found himself punting close to the 50 yd line often when Steelers drives would stall out.  So, of course his average would be a little skewed.

Nevertheless, the Steelers feel that competition is a good thing, and in this case necessary.  Moorman spent 12 years with the Bills before being released in 2012.  Coincidentally, he beat out Sepulvida when they both auditioned for the Cowboys last season.  Moorman had a very good season with the ‘Boys.  He averaged almost 45 yds per punt and had 22 punts land inside the 20 with only 3 touchbacks.  Those numbers are comprable to Butler’s, so I’m guessing the Steelers just don’t want the assumption to fall on Butler that the starting job is his.