A Chance To Become The Face of The Steelers Franchise


Be it a Polamalu wig or just a plain old hat, you can show New Era what kind of Steeler fan you are to be the face of the franchise. Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There aren’t enough contests in the world is my feeling, especially since I never come up a winner.  Here’s a pretty cool opportunity from New Era.

New Era is the 0fficial on-field headwear of the NFL and they are teaming up with the NFL to launch the “Back to Football Photo Day” contest. So what this means is that Steeler fans will now have the chance to join the ranks of Ben Roethlisberger and Troy Polamalu to also become THE face of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Essentially, you need to take a bunch of pictures of yourself showing how you “speak with your cap.”  You don’t need an NFL team hat to take the pics either.  Sounds like it can be anything that fits on your head.  Although, if it were up to me, anyone wearing a damn Steely McBeam foam hat in their submission would be automatically disqualified.  Sideways, backwards, flexed at the brim, or flat brimmed – show what ya got.

So what is on the line for all this effort? 32 fans (1 per team) will ultimately be chosen and win a complimentary trip to New York City for two. The winners will enjoy a four-day VIP experience and will be professionally styled in their favorite team’s looks for a New Era photo shoot that may be used for a year-long advertisement and promotional campaign.  That’s pretty sweet.  So be sure to take some picks of your best headwear and break the servers of New Era with all your hat pics.

Show the pride of Steeler Nation!

Here’s the link!