Steelers Ben Roethlisberger Wants More Super Bowl Wins Than Bradshaw…. Der.


Our Big Ben poses in front of the ‘other’ Big Ben. Courtesy of

Steelers quarterback took a trip across the pond to London this earlier this week.  In merry ol’ Londontown, Roethlisberger helped promote the game between the Steelers and Vikings taking place on September 29th.  According to Burt Lauten, Steelers PR, Ben was heard saying that winning more Super Bowls than former Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw is his motivation when playing in the NFL and for the Steelers.


Of course Big Ben (the player not the clock) wants to garner more Super Bowl wins.  I’m fairly certain that winning Super Bowls is the main motivator for most players in the NFL – unless you are Joe Flacco and your motivation then becomes earning enough money for a lifetime supply of eyebrow wax and tweezers.  Sports are about money, trophies, and legacy.

By winning more rings than Bradshaw, then Roethlisberger will solidify his legacy as one of the all time great Steelers.  And maybe those would have been a better choice of words than to actively mention Bradshaw.  Perhaps saying, “I want to keep winning Super Bowls and be known as one of the greatest Steelers to don the Black & Gold.”  Same idea – Ben>Terry – but without all the messiness of calling out Bradshaw’s name.  Maybe some people will see it as respect by Roethlisberger actively using his ‘better’s’ name, but you have to remember that these two don’t have a great history together (see TB’s comments on Ben’s motorcycle accident and ‘bathroom’ incident).

The one thing that really confuses me is who is this ‘our’ Ben speaks of?  Is he referring to himself and his wife?  Or is he using ‘our’ as referring to the team and that the expectation is to win Super Bowls – and not necessarily surpass Terry’s four Super Bowl wins?

Now now.  Don’t get all worked up about what I’m dissecting here.  I’m not trying to stir up anything that isn’t there.  But, I do find it interesting that Ben specifically used Bradshaw’s name.  Seems almost too much like a ‘I’m gunning for ya Terry!’  Or maybe since he’s in London, it should be ‘I’m going after you, ol’ chap.’  I would say it’s all in the spirit of fun between a former franchise player and current franchise player, but that’s like saying Boba Fett froze Han in carbonite ‘all in good fun.’