The Best Car Ever? Super Pittsburgh Steeler Fan Caught On Camera


Year round, I like to keep my Pittsburgh Steeler fan gear handy.  I keep the fuzzy dice with Steeler emblems stitched on I received as a present from my sister on the mantle.  There’s a Steeler blanket tucked into our coffee table chest that can come out whenever it might be a bit chilly in the living room.  During the football season proper, I will break out the two sets of Terrible Towels my wife and I have and drape them over the couch.  I will make sure my Steeler jerseys and other paraphernalia are scattered about every room.  But my car?  I leave that alone.

There’s something about my vehicle that for whatever reason I can’t seem to garnish with the spirit of the Steelers.  Not even a bumper sticker.  Maybe that’s my parents in my coming out, who took care of their cars like they were one of their own children.  Don’t deface that car for anything, son!  I have to admit that I chuckle a bit when I see around here in Cheesehead Land or up in Minnesota the Packer flags or Viking flags that fly from a side window attachment or are tied up to the car antenna.  Decals, stickers, you name it – I just can’t quite understand nor come to terms in decorating my vehicle in that way.  Maybe it’s because I believe you can only do ‘so much’ to a car to show your fandom.  Not enough, so why try?  Or I should say that’s what I believed until today.

Our own mothership,, posted this picture on their Facebook page today asking readers ‘Would you ever deck out your vehicle in your favorite team’s colors?’  My eyes nearly bugged out of my head and my mouth whispered out a ‘Woah baby.’  I think that question is a bit of an understatement.  That car before you is more than just decking your vehicle in a team’s color.  That car is a living, breathing, gas guzzling, homage on wheels to the greatest football franchise in NFL history.

This is by far the best Caddy out on the road these days as it elicits memories and good vibes of the Steelers who used to live in the once mammoth stadium known as Three Rivers.  Rooney, Noll, numerous players from the 60’s and 70’s dynasty all rolled into a 18′ long de Ville capped with a huge Steelers helmet and white rim tires.  Dear God, take my breath away.  Makes me want to know who’s driving that car.  You know they were a huge fan back in those days.  Can you even see the Terrible Towel laying on the dash in the reflection?  Truly a spectacular spectacle on wheels.

What do you think?  Is this the best car ever?  Would you ever go to this extreme to show your loyalty to the Black & Gold?