Part 2: (The Reasons Behind Why) The NFL Network Is Doing A Disservice To NFL History, NFL Films and Fans

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Chad Johnson: a Metaphor for the Evolution of NFL Films

Who knew Chad Johnson or Ocho Cinco would be a metaphor for the NFL Network. Instead #85 put more time into being a clown than into football. Instead of becoming a better WR he put his time into racing a horse, playing soccer, television shows: Basketball Wives, WWE Raw, Sports Soup and T. Ocho Show on Versus Network, a dating show, riding a bull and minor acting roles.

I can name the exact moment when I went over the edge when it came to what NFL Network was producing. I was watching another terrible episode of the Top 10: “Jersey Numbers” with #85 making the final 10 because of – get this – Chad Johnson! #85 is one of the all time greatest numbers worn in the NFL because of the likes of former Bengals wide receiver!??? Are you *&#@%!^* kidding me? Chad Johnson!!? WOW.

But in retrospect this segment is an exact metaphor of what NFL Films was and has become. Chad Johnson was once an elite wide receiver with Hall of Fame ability and a resume littered with Pro Bowl and All Pro accolades, who decided to forgo working further on his trade and instead became a clown, a superficial entertainer for tasteless celebrations, a publicity hound with no substance or depth, which in effect ruined his career.

Goodell, Bornstein and Katz Are To Blame

What is hard to understand is how the careless trio does not consider NFL Films as the marketing tool for the league? So what if it loses money. NFL Films is one of, if not the main reason the NFL exploded in the 1970’s into what it is today. Although unconfirmed, NFL Films has reported to have lost approximately 20 million per year which is a microbe to the colossus called the NFL. The NFL has become a 9.3 billion dollar company due in large part to the 50 years of incredible film-making NFL Films has done for them.

Nothing attracted fans to the NFL like NFL Films did, the greatest marketing machine ever. Ed Sabol on the sidelines in the glory years. Courtesy bing images.

Almost every company in America spends money on advertising. Sometimes it is hard to see the results but in the case of NFL Films, it is not. Let me put this in terms everyone can understand: If you owned a company which was one of the most successful and dominant company’s in America and the marketing/advertising arm of your company was one of the major reasons, and that marketing arm cost you 21 cents out of every 100 dollars, would you change it and or cut the budget? I think when posed with that question only 3 foolish people in America would and they have.

The NFL Films my childhood is imprinted on my soul until the day I die. Today’s NFL Network is slowly sucking that soul out of me.  The NFL Network only offers programming which rarely draws any interest from me or any football fan that I personally know.  The

The NFL with more money than ever and all of the advances in today’s world, NFL Films was better 40 years ago than it is today. NFL Films camera shot of Bradshaw toss to Harris. Courtesy bing images.

Emmy award winning author and filmmaker of America’s most beloved sport has been reduced to a shell of itself. NFL Network Executives Steve Bornstein and Howard Katz with the full support of Commissioner Roger Goodell are producing a product so much worse – and it is not even close – than it did 40 years ago! How many things in this world, with all of today’s technological advances, where money is of no concern, can that be said about?  The NFL is a 9.3 billion dollar monopoly, a colossal giant with no competition. Because of these 3 men the history of the NFL, the NFL Films Company, its employees and its fans all suffer for their greed, stupidity, ignorance and or carelessness. Pick one or all and you wouldn’t be wrong. Not even close to how wrong they are for what they are doing.

Next week’s article will focus on what the NFL must do to turn this around before it is too late.