Steelers Center Maurkice Pouncey And Brother Mike Show Support For Aaron Hernandez


The Steelers star center and probably future Hall of Fame’r (at the rate he’s playing) is a really bright guy.  It’s one of the reasons why he is so good at his position.  He studies up well and has the natural talent to apply his brain cells on the field.  I guess everyone has their ‘What the heck were you thinking’ moment, but I’d say that Maurkice and his brother Mike – The Twins – had quite their shining moment of dumbassery.

The picture below was taken from a nightclub over the weekend where you can clearly see that the Pouncey twins are sporting ‘Free Hernandez’ hats.  Aaron Hernandez, as you should know by now, is being held for the murder of Odin Lloyd.  Hernandez is suspected of driving his friend Lloyd out to an industrial park where he executed him.  His is being charged with first degree murder and also five firearms charges – one of which is possessing a large-capacity firearm in the state of Massachusetts.

As you can see in the picture, they even went with separate colors.  It’s a pretty despicable act if you ask me.  It’s one thing to support your friends or loved ones when they are going through a ‘rough time’ – even being held (and soon to be tried and convicted) of a crime.  But to make hats (or teeshirts or whatever) with that kind of statement really rubs me the wrong way.  It’s pretty classless and disrespectful to the family of Odin Lloyd.  Now I know that they weren’t posing in this picture with the specific intent of showing off their hats and ‘message’ to the world that they support a potential murderer.  Clearly they were just having fun with some guy wearing that awesome Joker teeshirt drinking a 40.

It’s a confusing moment for a kid (Maurkice not the Joker dude) and pair of brothers who are highly respected and regarded in the football and general community.  Is their support that blinded that they would not consider what wearing those hats would say to other people?  They were even questioned about a 2007 shooting along with Hernandez.  They should know the seriousness of a situation like this.  Or maybe it’s a bunch of football brothers sticking a little too closely together.

If I were those two – I would step away from this situation as quickly and as quietly as possible.