Steelers Film Room: Camp Battles: Jonathan Dwyer Vs. Isaac Redman

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Final Verdict:

To me, this is such a tight battle. You have Dwyer who has more potential to be a starter, and then Redman who is more of a complementary back, but very good at what he does. I have gone back and forth so many times that I could choose either player to take this number 2 running back spot.

In the end, it came down to one thing that I remembered from draft day. It was reported by NFL Network that the team was trying to shop Jonathan Dwyer. They didn’t receive any offers, but this shows that the Steelers at the time didn’t really see Dwyer in their plans as much.

This lead me to the verdict that Isaac Redman would be the best possible candidate to take over the number 2 spot. The Steelers have the full package in Bell, and I feel like they definitely view him as their starter. They just need a guy who could be complementary to Bell, which Redman would be. The funny thing is, if the Steelers didn’t have Bell, I would rather keep Dwyer because he has more potential to be an actual starting running back for 16 games, unlike Redman who in my mind is a very good complementary piece. The potential is there for both running backs, but this will be one of the most fun camp battles to watch, where competition is at it’s finest.

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