All time Steelers team by Jersey Number


With training camp a mere days away, and with four preseason games looming, we’ll see lots of unfamiliar names and jersey numbers. Most of the unfamiliar names will remain just that, simply unknown faces in the media guide.

Thinking about unfamiliar jersey numbers got me to thinking about picking an all time team of Steelers by jersey numbers. Some numbers won’t have a name attached to them, still it’s fun to do. So here we go, part one, the all time team by jersey numbers 1-30.

1- Gary Anderson. Great kicker in his day, second only to another Anderson, Morten. Both should be Hall of Fame candidates.




5- Craig Colquitt. Pretty darn good punter, two steps and boom, the ball was gone.

6- Bubby Brister. Sorry, I couldn’t find anyone else.

7- Ben Roethlisberger. Is there any doubt?

8- Tommy Maddox. Had one great season for us, before getting injured, paving the way for Big Ben.

9- Norm Johnson. An excellent free agent pickup for the early Bill Cowher teams.Solid and came up with some big FGs when needed

10- Kordell Stewart. The original ‘slash’.


12- Terry Bradshaw. Need I explain?


14-Neil O’Donnell. He’s not as bad as fans made him to be. However, the lasting memory of two really bad decisions in the Superbowl cloud a decent Steeler career.

15- Mike Kruczek. Filled in for an injured Bradshaw in 1976 and played decently. Didn’t do much after that. Didn’t need to.

16- Charlie Batch. Never liked him, but he gets this by default. His competition was David Woodley and Mark Malone for this spot.

17- Dick Shiner. Not horrible but not great either.

18-Cliff Stoudt. Did more in the USFL than he ever did for the Steelers, but was a useful backup.


20-Rocky Bleier. There are some who want him in the Hall of Fame, but he’s not that caliber. One of the guttiest players ever and an under rated cog in the machine of the 70’s.

21- Tony Dungy. Played some nickel and played it well.


23-Mike Wagner. Another under rated member of the dynasty years. Oiler fans remember him for the supposed cheap shot on TE Mike Barber, but Wagner was a solid center fielder and sure tackler.

24-Ike Taylor. Thought about JT Thomas here, but Taylor is just too solid to pass up.

25- Ryan Clark. Better than he’s given credit for.

26- Rod Woodson. if you don’t know why then you aren’t a Steeler fan.

27- Glen Edwards. Another solid, under appreciated player who had the final interception that sealed Superbowl X.

28- Clendon Thomas. A blast from the past, Thomas started as a WR but moved to the defensive backfield and was a solid starter.

29- Ron Johnson. Played all positions in the backfield and did well. Good hitter.

30-Frank Pollard. Good reserve and eventual starter.

next week we’ll look at 31-60.

let me know what you think about the list so far fans!

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