All time Steeler team by jersey number pt.2 #s 31-60


Last week I began selecting the all time Steeler team by jersey number. Part one was fairly easy, as the list goes on it does get a little harder. So, without further ado, here is part two, covering jersey numbers 31-60.

31- Donnie Shell. To me he’s not a Hall of Famer but he was damn good.

32- John L. Williams. Just kidding! Wanted to see if you were paying attention.

32- Franco Harris. Riding his white stallion leading his Italian Army.

33- Frenchy Fuqua went from being lead back in 1970& 71 to second fiddle behind Harris and third fiddle after Bleier.

34- Andy Russell. Other than L.C. Greenwood, he’s the one remaining Steeler from the dynasty years that belongs in the Hall of Fame. Time to get a movement going to vote him in!

35- None. With either Steve Davis or Jack Deloplaine to chose from, you can see why I left it blank.

36- Jerome Bettis. One of the best trades Steelers ever made. Maybe THE best.

37- Carnell Lake. Betcha forgot about him already. So solid, so selfless.

38- Sidney Thornton. Much like Pollard, he was a solid contributor and spot starter.

39- Darren Perry. Another underrated player.

40- Myron Bell. Only because I felt bad about leaving a blank spot.

41- Sam Washington. For the few years he started, he wasn’t bad.

42- Dick Hoak. Did a little of everything in the backfield in the 60’s and early 70’s and did it well. Went on to be a good backfield coach as well.

43- Troy Polamalu. Who else? An icon for the last 10 years in Steel town.

44- Lee Calland. Another blast from the past but he was a solid cover corner who, along with Chuck Beatty formed the backbone of ‘crackdown inc.’

45- ok, I got nothing here. Russell Davis? Chris Fu’amatu Ma’ afala? Bueller?

46- Reggie Harrison. Great on special teams, his blocked punt helped turn the tide in Superbowl 10. A nice gentleman as well (met him at a card show)

47- Mel Blount. A corner without peer in his prime. When they make rules others dub ‘the Mel Blount rule’ you know you’re great.

48- John Rowser. ( See Lee Calland for reason)

49- Dwayne Woodruff. Began his career in the tail end of the dynasty years and was solid into the late 80’s

50- Larry Foote. I struggled between he and Bill Saul (and Jeff Hartings), but he’s too steady to pass up.

51- Loren Toews. Look him up, solid reserve player and special teamer who started superbowl thirteen. One of my favorite unsung Steeler players.

52- Mike Webster. Yes, his post NFL career was very sad. Too sad for such a great one.

53- Maurkice Pouncey. “Free Hernandez” hat aside, he’s the next in the string of great Steeler centers.

54- Zack Valentine or Greg Bingham. You decide.

55- Jon Kolb. Such a solid, gritty player and OL mainstay.

56- Robin Cole. Like so many others, began as a solid reserve and turned into a Pro Bowler.

57- Mike Merriweather. To me he belongs in the class of Rickey Jackson and Andre Tippett and the first great pass rusher from the OLB spot the Steelers had.

58- Jack Lambert. Do I need to give a reason?

59- Jack Ham. See one spot above.

60- Ben McGee. Played in the DL rotation in the early 70’s with Greene, Greenwood, Holmes and White and was very good. Very good.

So that’s part two. What do you think so far fans? List three comes tomorrow and we’ll go from 61 right to 99. Or as I should say from 61 to Brett Keisel.

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