All time Steelers team by jersey number pt.3 #s 61-99


Very psyched that the preseason is starting this Sunday. I always look forward to the Hall of Fame game regardless of who is playing. Can’t wait to see the 2013 Steelers in action next week. That being said, time to finish up my list of the all time Steeler team based upon jersey number. So here we go with numbers 61-99

61- Tyrone McGriff. Career with the team was too brief before he fled to the USFL but he was a solid starter.

62- Tunch Ilkin. Vastly underrated tackle, solid and steady.

63- Dermonti Dawson. Picked up where Mike Webster left off and rightly joined him in the HOF.

64- Jeff Hartings. Yes, Steve Furness could be in this spot, but Hartings was a great free agent signing back when the team actually dipped into the market. Solidified the OL at both guard and center.

65- John Jackson. Over shadowed by Dawson, but he was a solid at times great tackle.

66- Alan Faneca. He exit out of Pittsburgh wasn’t pretty but he’s Canton bound.

67- Gary Dunn. Yet another backup who became a solid starter and made a Pro Bowl.

68- L.C. Greenwood. Belongs in the HOF because he came up big in big games.

69- Hmmm…Fred Anderson?

70- none

71- Gordon Gravelle. Started on two Superbowl champs. Held his own

72- Gerry Mullins. Along with Sam Davis, formed the best guard tandem in the dynasty years.

73- Craig Wolfley. Was very good and very under rated.

74- Terry Long. Only 5’11 a but tough and feisty guard.

75- Joe Greene. The best DT of the 70’s.

76-John Banaszak. Solid backup and starter who recovered a fumble in Superbowl 13. Seemed to make a big play whenever he started.

77-Steve Courson. Had Marvel Smith played longer, he may have been in this spot.

78- Dwight White. Seemed so nice in interviews but was routinely voted nastiest of the D-lineman.

79- Larry Brown. Former TE who made switch to tackle and was excellent.

80-Plaxico Burress. Got his ring with the Giants but made his mark as a Steeler. Barely hanging on now.

81- none.

82-John Stallworth. To me he was more valuable than Swann.

83-Louis Lipps. Ok Heath Miller fans, relax. Lipps had a brilliant couple of years and remained a solid starter up to the Cowher years.

84-Randy Grossman. Clutch catches in Superbowls is what put him on this list

85- Nate Washington or Calvin Sweeney. Take one

86-Hines Ward. Some will say he’s not a HOFer, but I think he is because of his all around play.

87-Roy Jefferson. Before Swann and Stallworth there was Roy.

88-Lynn Swann. One of the most debatable HOF selections. Yes he got hurt, but he was fearless going over the middle.

89-Bennie Cunningham. Super athletic. Should have seen more balls thrown his way but with two HOF receivers around him…oh well.

90- none. George Webster wore this for one season and he was an All time great AFL linebacker. Didn’t do much with Pittsburgh though.

91- Kevin Greene. The best free agent signing the team did over the last 25 years.

92-James Harrison. Yes Jason Gildon is the all time sack leader but I like Harrison more. So there.

93-Keith Willis. Not flashy but solid and dependable DE.

94-Chad Brown. One fourth of the best quartet of linebackers in Steeler history.

95-Greg Lloyd. Picked up where Merriweather left off. Nastier too.


97-Kendrell Bell. Former defensive rookie of the year saw career cut way too short by injury.

98-Casey Hampton. Boy are we going to miss him this year.

99-Brett Keisel. Levon Kirkland works in this spot too, but ‘the beard’ was been so good and so steady for so long it’s hard to vote against him.

So that’s the list fans. What do you think? Agree or disagree?

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