Steelers Morning Huddle 8/9/2013


Huddle Up!

The Steelers are ready to face their first test of the 2013 season.  Well considering it’s the preseason; it’s more like a quiz than a test.  Before kickoff tomorrow night, here’s what’s being said about the Pittsburgh Steelers around the block.

Plaxico Burress carted off practice field with arm injury

Burress is the latest player in what seems like a blood-bath across the league of players getting carted off the practice fields with injuries. reports that Burress was attempting to make a catch over Damon Cromartie-Smith and Ryan Steed when he came down on his arm.  Burress was later seen with his arm in a sling and reports are that it is a torn rotator cuff.  Burress was at best going to be the 4th or 5th target and might not be a lock to make the roster but with the history he has with Ben Roethlisberger, he could have been a valuable target to have in the red-zone.  Unfortunately, this could be the end of Plax’s NFL career.  A torn rotator cuff isn’t as tough to come back from as a football player as say a knee injury, but a torn anything is pretty bad.  Plax is most likely lost for this season for sure.

Steelers sign one TE and claim another off of waivers

As if the situation at tight end this season wasn’t nerve-wracking enough for Steeler Nation, Matt Spaeth was carted off earlier this week with a knee injury.  Heath Miller is still on the PUP list rehabbing his knee.  While the Steelers had planned to have David Paulson take Miller’s spot on the roster and mainly use Spaeth for his run blocking strength’s, the loss is still a blow to the already depleted tight end corps.  Thursday the Steelers answered by signing Nathan Overbay and claiming Michael Palmer off of waivers from Seattle.  To make room for the roster spots the Steelers released OT Mike Farrell and TE John Rabe.  Someone put some bubble wrap on the tight ends for the rest of camp ok?

Coach Tomlin’s Press Conference

Coach Mike Tomlin gave his first pre-game press conference this week in preparation for the Steelers first preseason game against the New York Giants Saturday night.  In his presser Tomlin states that the starters are expected to play for 10-12 plays, depending on the scenarios that present themselves.  Some of those players could see extended time in the game.  One could think this includes rookie RB Le’Veon Bell who is having an outstanding camp by all accounts and is reported to get reps with the first team in the game.  Tomlin also stated that all four quarterbacks will get some time in the game.  I tried to keep track and counted about 27 “Obviously”’s in the presser in total.  Tomlin was asked if he had watched any of  HBO’s Hard Knocks featuring the Cincinnati Bengals and replied that he hadn’t but heard that James (Harrison) was entertaining.  You can listen to Tomlin’s press conference here.

Why the Steelers suck

If you’re a fan of sarcasm, and who isn’t, you should do yourself a favor and checkout for their humorous posts on just about anything sports related.  Every year writer Drew Magary writes a series called “Why Your Team Sucks” and goes through every team in the NFL poking fun at them for one reason or another.  This week he got to the Pittsburgh Steelers and I have to tell you, he got more than one chuckle out of me.  If you can’t laugh at yourself sometimes you live a very sad life I think.  One of the funnier points Magary makes about Steelers fans is how spoiled we are.

"“These are, hands down, the most grossly spoiled fans in the NFL.  Steelers fans want it both ways.  They want to lord their six rings over you, while at the same time maintaining the illusion that they’re somehow the scrappy underdog.  The Ravens are criminals, the Patriots are cheaters, but somehow their darling Steelers are football’s version of Sir f*cking Galahad.  It’s crap.”"

Also take a list at the 9 worst Steelers of all time.  It’s hilarious.  I’m certainly guilty of telling people how the Larry Brown picks in Super Bowl XXX still sting me.  You can read the rest of his “Why Your Team Sucks 2013” here.  The Bengals and Browns are particularly amusing as well for obvious reasons.

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